The delicious steamed egg in memory of rapeseed oil taste back-mia farrow

The delicious steamed egg in memory of rapeseed oil taste back I remember when the appetite is not good, I do not love to eat, my grandmother gave me a steamed steamed egg that rapeseed oil, tender and slippery! Has not been able to forget the taste, today made the water steamed eggs, the memory of the taste and come back! The main soil egg 2 rapeseed oil salt amount of warm boiling water half a teaspoon of soy sauce amount of shallot 2 1 ready materials; 2 egg into the bowl add half teaspoon of salt; 3; 4 with chopsticks dispersed liquid egg; egg liquid in 5 with about 1.5 times of Wen Kaishui; 6 with chopsticks right rotation. About 3 minutes; (as shown in Figure 7) with a spoon of bubble out out; 8 good egg; 9 cover, tie a few holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick; 10 fire to boil the water in the steamer, so the water must be opened, and then into the egg! 11 cover fire, steam for 15 minutes! While 12 steamed eggs during this period, the wash, chopped green onion, 13 vegetable oil into the reserve; then a small milk pot, boil, turn off the fire standby; 14 steamed eggs after steaming, opened the plastic wrap, then topped with soy sauce; 15 pour boiled rapeseed oil, 16 finally saruconghua. You can!相关的主题文章: