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The daughter of He Long with his parents had participated in the long march mountain grassland Beijing – according to the American reporter Salisbury statistics in infancy, the Red Army combat forces officers and men with an average age of only 18 years old. Long march historical data also show that the average age of the Red Army should be the Red Army of 25, the average age of its fighters are less than 18 years old. 9 year old Xiang Xuan, who joined the Long March, was identified as the youngest of the Red Army soldiers. Are there any younger people in the long march? The answer is yes. In the Red Army Long March, several leaders of the wife had children, including Mao Zedong’s wife, He Zizhen. However, due to various reasons, these babies have been born or forced to abandon, or halfway died, only two infants to follow their parents through the snow capped mountains grassland, saw the birth of new china. One of the lucky ones is He Long Marshal’s daughter, He Jiesheng. November 1, 1935, Hunan, Sangzhi, red 2, the 6 Legion is about to begin the long march. One day, 2 Red Army colonel He Long on the line. Blocking the enemy just victory, his wife gave birth to a daughter Jianxianren. According to the situation at that time will not allow the full moon baby with the long march of the red army. He Long decided to foster her daughter in a family home. A week passed, still do not see the relatives to pick up the kids, anxious, He Long rushed to the family relatives tramp over mountains and through ravines, but see the door locked. It was learned that the family had moved away a week ago. At that time, if the enemy who found in a red army general child to manmen chaozhan. Upright character He Long decided to take his daughter a long march is not a full moon. Red 2, 6 Army leaders after consultation, agreed to take the small Czech students participated in the long march. In November 19th, the term is not born in the cradle of small Czech born a small mule laden with the 2 Red Army from Sangzhi, became a member of the long march started liujiaping. The army arrived in Northern Shaanxi, he just turned 1 years old Jiesheng. Another lucky girl is Ren Bishi’s daughter, Ren Yuanzheng. In July 1936, 2, and 6 Red Army Red Army in Ganzi after the junction, adapted for the Red Army two. Ren Bishi two of the Red Army and red 2 army political commissar, political commissar. Two red army arrived in the northwestern plateau of Sichuan ABA, Ren Bishi’s wife Chen Congying had a daughter in a Tibetan people in the courtyard. That is the courtyard, is actually a pen. Before production, spread in a shed on the straw bed when the tarpaulin, even by Fu is responsible for delivery?. In order to commemorate the long expedition, Ren Bishi gave her daughter named expedition. According to Ren Yuanzheng recalls, she was born on the Long March, but which is not clear. At that time, because the military urgent military affairs busy, parents have no time to remember this thing. After the liberation, he served as Jiesheng Academy of Military Sciences, former military encyclopedia research minister, and served successively in five, air expeditionary National Satellite Meteorological Center China Meteorological Administration and other units engaged in scientific research work. According to Xinhua News Agency相关的主题文章: