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The Commission informed the monthly named 2603 people 1227 people were open party original title: discipline "Monthly Bulletin" named 2603 Beijing morning news (reporter Zou Le) since July 2015, the Commission informed the monthly "has been published for 16 months. Data show that the 16 "Monthly Bulletin" total exposure unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses in 1884 cases, giving names bulletin exposure of 2603 people, and 1227 people have been expelled from the party, the total number of 47.1%. Beijing morning news reporter combing found that the majority of basic discipline personnel rank is low, but there are many key positions and key staff, holding the money, money and materials, funds, projects, pipe pipe pipe approval, has a certain power. 1884 people’s livelihood funds are exposed impersonator, interception, deduction, misappropriation issues 1076 grain subsidies preferential agricultural subsidies issues 330 land requisition compensation funds 176 reconstruction grant funds 102 false taking defrauding various funds of 679 cases of fraud, deceptive way: "Zhang" out of thin air; "Lee" wearing a crown much less, superiors and subordinates; and falsifying inflated. Discipline means: from the most common false area and the number, the name of another, to contract false false evidence, using fake photos, all kinds of means. The amount of 50 thousand yuan and below 732 in some grassroots corruption although the small amount involved, but eating people, to bring the masses ", the bad influence of pain of cutting one’s body" should not be underestimated. Try to ask for and receive commissions and fees and other issues 187 "chinakayao" names "clever" and "new", such as the pattern of more married women illegal charge management fees, management fees, poor maternal and child health care compensation fee, Gaisi fees charged to students, student card fees, teachers plan and auxiliary materials for morning and evening self-study nursing fees etc.. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: