The classification of the fund traded sluggish arbitrage difficult rejuvenation is weak bree daniels

To the classification of the fund traded sluggish arbitrage "rejuvenation" weak – reporter Li Liang the investors gradually fade out of view of the classification of the fund, because recently the Sea Hui Xiang grade bond fund massive purchase once again become the focus of media attention, many people look forward to the Naka Kaimegumi Cheung can activated the whole classification fund market in one fell swoop. But the reality is that grading fund has been difficult, "activity" is difficult to re stimulate. According to the announcement, Nakaumi Exiang to open debt based classification fishiom B share purchase in August 31st to September 2nd, the results of September 1st, Hui Xiang B the net assets of the fund and the purchase date of the application and the amount has reached 3 billion 154 million yuan, more than the purchase limit of 3 billion yuan, the proportion was forced to start. Followed by September 3rd to 5, Hui Xiang A open subscription, and quickly suck gold $6 billion 362 million, which makes the size of the Naka Kaimegumi Xiang debt scale expansion of several days to about ten billion yuan. But the Sea Hui Xiang by tens of billions of funds "hunt" is only the case, it seems difficult to assume responsibility to activate the entire classification fund market. After a roller coaster madness, more grading fund gradually subsided. Especially the classification of exchange traded fund, whether it is disappearing arbitrage opportunities, or turnover is extremely sluggish, investors began to stay away from such products. Insiders pointed out that regulators repeatedly stand firm to leverage, in this context, the classification of the fund’s activity is difficult to be excited, but does not rule out the potential investment opportunities in the market stage. When slack popularity in the peak of the trading volume on the part of grade B, hundreds of billions of dollars, so many listed companies would envy. In the city, two grade fund up to 305 exchange traded (A, B separately), daily turnover of more than 100 million yuan of only 11, but the daily turnover in 10 million yuan is only 274, the daily turnover of 100 thousand yuan, but has 72. Sluggish trading volume, many grade B reduced funding tool to manipulate prices plummeted frequently staged. Such as the financial B, from August 11th to August 16th, just 4 trading days, the highest increase of two secondary market trading price range is up to 39.6%, but in the context of sudden heavy volume, the average daily volume of 4 trading days is only 3 million 670 thousand yuan; in the next 9 trading days, two financial market transaction price B the rapid decline, the largest decline range of more than 17%, turnover fell to an average of 2 million 350 thousand yuan, the September 7th day turnover is low to 854 thousand and 900 yuan. Because the volume is too low, some grading fund investors criticized. To deal in September 7th, daily turnover of 17 graded fund of less than 10 thousand yuan, the lowest among the Thai 400A day turnover was only 314.4 yuan, only 2 in the afternoon 09 symbolically wrapped up a list of 3 hands. "This is almost a zombie fund, has lost the value of existence." A perennial investment rating fund investors complain. No arbitrage arbitrage was grading fund "gold" magic weapon of choice. But the market downturn, shrinking rapidly, the use of grade fund arbitrage is becoming difficult. Bohai securities estimates data show that as of this Monday,.相关的主题文章: