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The City Garden underground sewage treatment plant deep hidden but beautiful spot – Beijing is building the Qinglong river water purification plant in downtown. Newspaper reporter Zhang Yuyan photo water environmental governance in the city have not built the coup? In the city, the edge of the city is too far. Downtown Linyi is built Qinglong River waterworks is a coup, built underground sewage treatment plant, to build the park, the sewage treatment of city sewage treatment is the future trend. Qinglong river water purification plant is expected early next year can be put into commercial, you can have a go. Reporter Zhang Yuyan treated sewage straight row of the river "treatment plant collection area near the sewage sewage treatment process, after all, as the water source of the Qinglong river discharge to the river." Li Shuai, head of the project, said, "water can reach the level A standard. A total length of 8.8 km of the Qinglong River, requires a depth of 60 cm of water can be clear bottomed out." The uniqueness of the Qinglong River Waterworks in waterworks is fully buried in the underground construction, water purification equipment, a garden construction ground, open to the public. In addition to Qinglong river water purification plant, the Linyi river mud water purification plant is the same design. Li Shuai introduction, the factory processing equipment used underground buried, divided into two layers, deep 18.5 meters. On the ground construction of public leisure green park. Qinglong river water containing about 9 square kilometers in the 70 thousand population of the sewage, sewage treatment capacity of 30 thousand tons; in the mud river waterworks collected 90 thousand population of about 12 square kilometers of sewage, sewage treatment capacity is 40 thousand tons. At the same time, the construction of water treatment plant, will clear the Qinglong river sludge, along the dragon river laying sewage collection pipeline. After 40 years of free transfer of government Qinglong River and trap mud river waterworks using PPP model, the comprehensive development of Linyi city forestry and Water Company Limited on behalf of the municipal government and Beijing’s first Limited by Share Ltd was founded Linyi’s first environmental protection Development Co. Ltd., Beijing capital shares accounted for 70%. Qinglong River project invested 195 million 700 thousand yuan, responsible for the construction and operation of water purification plant. Feng Fanhua, deputy director of the Linyi Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the government signed a contract with the first 40 years, after 40 years, the first free will be transferred to the water purification plant. Through the collection of sewage treatment fee way to make a profit, this part of the money is part of the public water costs in the sewage treatment fee, Linyi is currently about 0.7 yuan per cubic meter. On the other hand, we must rely on national financial subsidies." Feng Fanhua, deputy director of the Linyi Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, as an enterprise, water treatment plant meager profit operation, the government tender price is 1.73 yuan per cubic meter. In fact, the construction of large sewage treatment plants in the city, there are many inconveniences. Feng Fanhua said: "normally, large-scale sewage treatment plants are built in the lower reaches, the treated water is discharged directly into the river, and then through the city pipeline pumping water into water, water supply, the cost is also great." In addition, the construction of sewage treatment plants in the lower reaches of the river, it is difficult to find a suitable area for the construction of wetlands, the discharge of water treatment. "The most important thing is that the sewage collection network needs a longer distance, more"相关的主题文章: