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The boy fall well rescuers: hard 5 days and 5 nights the children did not save the original title: 107 hours of hard life rescue November 10th night, after 107 hours of intense rescue, social concern of Hebei Baoding Lixian County 6 year old boy Zhao Zicong finally fall into the well, was found in the abandoned wells 40 meters deep. Unfortunately, after medical experts confirmed that the child has no vital signs. 11:30 on November 6th, after the father Cong fall well, promptly call 110, and to help the village "two committees". Subsequently, the Lixian County Public Security Bureau, fire brigade, 120 emergency rescue teams and villagers spontaneously organized to participate in the rescue. Soon, the surrounding social rescue forces are also involved in the rescue. Involved in the rescue of the excavator driver Cai Xuezhai told reporters that the excavator is his own, has been in continuous work, people from the car does not rest, some do not know the driver over voluntary shift to participate in rescue. The machine did not oil, but also the people who love to send diesel, food and so on are free of charge, so many people have never met together, are for a life of rescue."…… Cong was found at that moment escorted the ambulance, rescue workers, all stood in silence, all the collective rescue vehicles whistle, Cong grandpa to kowtow to thank the rescue vehicle…… Unfortunately, the outcome of the process of moving people – this lasted 107 hours of life rescue, highlighting the great love of the world, advocating the care and reverence for life. According to Xinhua news agency, > > user voice "to want to leave a brainy, can let all dry all cover" – these days have been concerned about. The result is regrettable, very distressing. Little friend, may you be safe in heaven. The good news is that all the people never give up, even if the hope is slim, they also adhere to the final. Angels in the world, there is a warm called love. – 40 meters deep, perhaps fall dead, we can expect the rescue. Volunteers and the government quickly organized rescue, showing respect for life. In this society or people warm heart, from the beginning of the rescue to small Cong was found, the attention of tens of millions of times, how many users to sleep at night, so many volunteers and government related efforts we have seen, in fact we already know the outcome, but still hope for a miracle, but the reality is still the reality. May the small Cong along the way, the rest. Great chinese! Not to want to leave a brainy, can let all dry all cover. – the child has to go, as a distant stranger, regret, but also full of thanks! Thank the staff working day and night! Thanks to all concerned about the child’s enthusiastic users! It is the good conscience of all people that makes our society move forward! Thank! > > rescue and digital – abandoned wells about 42 meters deep, the wellhead diameter of 30 cm – 107 – hour rescue more than 500 people involved in the rescue in the community to provide free excavators, forklifts, bulldozers and other 165 cars – about 200000 cubic meters of earthwork excavation – dug up 7相关的主题文章: