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The biggest PM2.5 maker is in your home! How to bring your baby to break through? – Sohu mother and daughter to a haze raging season…… Sounds like a fairyland of smoke, is actually a chemical gas choking! So the haze of this word, you must not strange, but the haze, PM2.5 in the end what is, and what are the harm to the human body? In the end how to prevent haze? Today, I will give you the kangaroo make us scared: haze. We are: fog water vapor condenses into small droplets suspended, the visibility is less than 1 kilometers; haze is a large number of very small sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other compounds, and the dust particles floating in the air, the air pollution, the phenomenon of reduced visibility. So in fact, fog and haze is not alone, how to distinguish? The relative humidity is less than 80% for haze; relative humidity is greater than 90% for the fog; relative humidity in 80% – 90% is a mixture of fog and haze of fog and haze, which according to the degree of concentration of atmospheric fine particles of PM2.5 and PM10 to identify. The fine particles size caused by haze is big is small, PM10 is less than 10 microns in diameter particles, PM2.5 particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter. We specifically how much? Can find a reference contrast. Our hair is about 50~70 microns in diameter, if the hair is a big tree, PM10 is probably the size of apple, and PM2.5 is almost a cherry. We fine particles on the human body is very large, because the smaller diameter, the parts of the deeper into the respiratory tract. Pm10 particles are relatively large, easy to settle, so it is easy to stay in the nasal cavity and oral cavity, through sneezing, runny nose, most of these dirty things will be excreted. While we concern in recent years, PM2.5 has great harm to human body, because it can be sucked into the lungs. You and PM2.5 activity is strong, easy with toxic and hazardous substances (e.g., heavy metals, microbial etc.), long residence time in the atmosphere, conveying distance, and thus the impact on human health and environmental quality of the atmosphere more. So even the blue skies, the air is the existence of PM2.5. That specific number, will have an impact on the human body? Here, you can compare the following table, with the instrument to test the air quality. So the air quality level 24 hour average PM2.5 value and 0~35 G standard m? 35~75 g m 3; benign? 3; 75~115 light pollution g m? 3 115~150 g m; moderate pollution? 3; severe pollution 150~250 g m? 3; serious pollution of more than 250 mu g m? 3; and the above PM2.5 so terrible, then how can we prevent it? Some people say that haze day honestly got home, don’t go out about two相关的主题文章: