The Belgian sports scholars called for more Chinese football management personnel to learn –

The Belgian sports scholars called for more Chinese football management personnel to "learn" – Beijing, China News Agency, Brussels (reporter Shen Chen) in October 6, the Belgian famous sports scholar Josh recently pointed out that China football to the sustainable and healthy development, not only need to strengthen the technical and tactical aspects of learning, more needs in football management under large strength, catch up with the advanced level in the world. Brussels (the Netherlands), free university sports management professional tutor Professor Josh in an interview with News Agency reporters interview made the above statement. His figurative analogy points out that a football game is not limited to two goals or a court. Around this field, there are many derivatives industry need football to management. He called for more Chinese football managers to Europe to learn management experience and knowledge. Only in this way can we improve the level of Chinese football. Josh is also the founder of the international football business school. In the class of International Football Business College, there will be many professors of economics, finance, management, sports medicine, news and so on. In Josh’s view, football is a university asked, not just football skills and tactics. If you want to be a good football manager, you must have all kinds of experience. Recently, foreign disclosure, China intends to bid for the 2030 world cup. Josh believes that in order to host the world cup, the national team is good or bad results, on the one hand, how to organize and manage the game is crucial. Europe is the birthplace of modern football, held over the world cup, in the football tournament organization, management has a unique advantage. At the same time, FIFA headquarters in Zurich, switzerland. Chinese football managers should come to Europe to learn more, and FIFA, UEFA’s peers to communicate, establish a strong interpersonal relationships. These focus on peacetime effort, is a very important factor in the success of a race. Josh said, China football spent a lot of effort to improve the football technical and tactical level, Chinese young players figure has appeared on the European football field. However, China football will not pay great attention to the green on the sidelines for learning, which will affect the future of the sustainable development of Chinese football. Josh to create the International Football Business College, for example, the latest issue of course there are many Asian faces, but fewer Chinese football figure. Josh believes that this is a pity. But the good news is that there is already a Chinese student scheduled for the next semester. Perhaps, in the near future, there will be more and more Chinese football players in Josh’s class. (end)相关的主题文章: