The air show big kill Rainbow 5 can destroy a tank.-wharfedale

The air show big kill: Rainbow 5 can destroy a tank company Rainbow -5 unmanned intelligent smart hot equipment: Rainbow -5 UAV, UAV "infiltrators" and "Sea Fly" unmanned boat, sharp claw type 2 wheeled unmanned vehicle that UAV, surely we are not unfamiliar. 15 years ago, an American Predator drone fired missiles in Afghanistan over the precise destroyed a Taliban tank, the UAV was let the world marvel. In recent years, with the progress of unmanned combat technology, domestic unmanned combat equipment has been developed rapidly. Compared with the previous, unmanned combat equipment airshow was updated, more and more comprehensive, various brands of the products on display, is All flowers bloom together. zhengqidouyan. The most famous is the rainbow -5 UAV, this guy’s flamboyant, from the appearance and the Reaper some likeness". Of course, the rainbow -5 UAV’s ability is also great. According to the person in charge of the booth, the rainbow -5 UAV wing has 6 hanging points, can mount 24 AR-2 short-range air to ground missiles can be successfully destroyed a tank company. In addition, it can also realize the BVR combat 2000 kilometers, ground personnel charged with just a click of the mouse can be "winning thousands of miles away, is fully deserve the" heavy sniper". The smallest is "infiltrators" UAV, little is renxiaoguitai, resembles a larger version of the "grasshopper from the outside". Action diseases such as wind, reconnaissance fine silent, so describe the penetration of the UAV and then appropriate but. According to reports, the "infiltrators" UAV maximum speed of 160 kilometers, according to the different needs of small battlefield weapon system, Mount miniature reconnaissance radar, electro-optical pod, guided missile, battlefield reconnaissance and strike integrated. In addition, the "infiltrators" weight less than 25 kg, easy to carry, and has certain stealth capabilities, is the best partner of individual combat". In addition, the UAV, unmanned unmanned vehicles such as combat equipment also colorful stage, attracted the audience applauded. Stroll exhibition, the company developed the Quartet Sea Fly unmanned boat, double M air cushion design has 45 knots speed; China Ordnance Industry Group developed sharp claw type 2 wheeled unmanned vehicles, as loaded with the wisdom of the brain". It can be predicted that the future battlefield, artificial intelligence technology and the use of unmanned combat weapons and equipment will profoundly change the battlefield combat model.相关的主题文章: