The 2016 snooker National Championships tickets on a move beyond the domestic competition-winpm

The 2016 snooker National Championships tickets on a move beyond the domestic other competitions snooker National Championships sina sports 2016 World Snooker International Championships will be held in Daqing on October 23rd -30, September 19th, tickets began officially on sale, the tournament tickets are divided into 9 tranches, fans can log on barley net booking. In addition, the organizers also revealed that this year the hardware upgrade plan, site will provide instant commentary headset games for the audience, to meet the different needs of the spectators, in the current domestic competition is also the first time. The sale of tickets by the network pre-sale form, the audience can log on barley net real time tickets, fares ranging from 100 yuan to 3850 yuan; in the ticket categories, in addition to regular event tickets, tournament organizers also launched the five-star hotel accommodation, spectators packages, convenient remote spectators fans friends. The World Snooker Championship is currently the highest level of international snooker tournament level A-class events, after the World Snooker Championship, the UK Championship in 2015 and officially settled in Daqing, Chinese. Compared with last year, this year’s lineup is more powerful, failed to participate in the last year, O’Sullivan has confirmed that he will go to Daqing to participate in the competition, while he will be with the event as a consultant to participate in the event to promote the activities of Davies. In addition to the more powerful line-up, 2016 National Championships are still watching snooker service "upgraded", this year the fans watching the game in the field, can choose whether to wear a headset that self, this is definitely a good news for the spectators, viewers can experience the atmosphere and snooker’s top event, with the tournament explanation obtain multi dimension match analysis, completely breaking the previous snooker spectators mode. This is also the organizers from the World Snooker Championship practices, the starting point is to raise the spectator experience. "This will certainly increase our workload, but we believe it is worth it, we are the national championships as a product to build, all links to the event service, enhance the competition and the spectator experience, establish brand competition" relevant responsible person said. It is reported that the qualifying tournament will be held on September 29th in Kam snooker – in the UK in October 1st, Ding Junhui, Higgins, Selby and other qualifiers will be arranged in the race period.相关的主题文章: