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The 13 day record 3 shots: Rockets team history brush eyebrows brother O’neal par – Sohu sports Beijing time on November 13th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues after the game today, also gave birth to a lot of new record. The following are the details: 1 Harden hit back-to-back three history rockets home court 100-106 against Spurs, despite losing the game, but the Rockets star Harden’s performance is very good, the beard played 39 minutes, scored 25 points and 13 rebounds and 11 assists, second consecutive games scored three double, at the same time, the Harden’s occupation career eleventh times in the regular season and scored three double, or his first career double back-to-back three. In addition, Harden is still in the 1970-71 season after the Rockets, the Rockets in the history of the first consecutive games harvest double players in the three. And a player in two consecutive games against the Spurs are down three pairs, in the history of NBA, in addition to harden, only the magician Johnson did. 2 rockets to refresh the team in the history of the game or in the game, the Rockets shot the ball 47 times a total of three points, the team created a record of the history of three. Prior to this, the Rockets have played a single shot 46 times a maximum of three points. In addition, in the history of the NBA, the three highest single game shot number is 49 times, that is in March 6, 1996, against Dallas (New Jersey) nets. 3 Gordon three hits a record level of the campaign, Eric Gordon became the three most efficient rockets, he netted hit 7 record three points, tied his career single game three points hit record. Gordon scored 27 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists in the game for the last 32 minutes. 4 blocks high Toronto Raptors teenager home court beat Nicks 118-107, the Raptors center Lucas Nogueira scored 6 points and 10 rebounds and 5 blocked shots. Data show that before the single game high, 5 blocks, and occupation career in this field, his single highest cap number is 3 times. 5 Deluozan scoring record in this game, mar – Deluozan played 36 minutes, making 11 of 23 shots, scored 33 points and 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals. The start of the season before the 9 game, Deluozan 8 scored 30+, equalling Jordan in the 1986-87 season record. In addition, a total of 9 games, Deluozan scored 306 points in the past 50 years, only 6 players in the open season in 9 games scored 300+. The other 5 are Jordan (4), Rick Barry (2), -B-, Jeffrey Wald Nate Archibald and Abdullah Jabbar. The 6 front will score high nets 122-104 away victory over the sun, the nets front will Lang day – Hollis – Jefferson played 30 minutes, 12 to 5, 10 of 11 free throws, scored 20 points and 13 rebounds and 4 assists and 1 steals and 1 blocks. Data show that 20 points also refresh Jefferson’s career single game scoring record, prior to this, he had a single game up to get a score of 14. 7 Griffin 9000 points)相关的主题文章: