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Hardware As we know, It is difficult to tell the difference between information security from physical IP camera. The security concerns are quite similar among families. There are also exist home security systems, but they do not make full use of the physical and information security. The Tenvis IPRobot3 is easy to install as I excepted. It is connected by internet cable and can be controlled remotely and wirelessly by DDNS setting. It took me about an hour to .plete the setup procedures including port forwarding on my router and connected to my local network. After that had been done and fixed the camera under my eaves with 3 screws, my home surveillance system is already done and prepared to work. The simplified setup procedures usually hint for poor function, but this IPRobot3 don’t. By accessing the user interface. I was able to obtain an excellent video and was impressed with it. It is really convenient home security system. Due to the excellent night vision character, and the two way audio makes it ideal for baby monitor and crime protection. I was able to adjust the view zones with the pan and tilt anywhere as I wish. The motion detect sensor is very sensitive and already been set send email alert whenever there is a motion detected. I was able to configure multiple cameras and view them simultaneously. The picture has great resolution, and I can .municate across the house using the 2-way audio function, and monitor and capture events both in my home, and at my front door. Key feature for Tenvis IPRobot3 The camera has 1 megapixel lens providing up to 720P(1080*720) high definition resolution video, as well as excellent image clarity. The cutting edge H.264, real-time video .pression could efficiently save your bandwidth and local disc storage, with high video and picture quality preserved. The Plug and Play IP camera does not require any confusing installtion process by setting network paramerters. Automatically turn on Infrared filter during the day to filter IR light. Make daylight video more realistic and vivid. Pros H.264 .pression enables excellent video quality. Very easy to install and setup Well worth for the price. Cons None Now I can monitor both my kitchen and front door simultaneously. .munication also be.es convenient by the two way audio. This camera is really cost effective and I will re.mend. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: