Ten to send the Red Army, the two round of the broadcast of the gunman Ke Bolong earned tears – Sohu-footman

"Ten" red army sent two round of broadcast marksman Ke Bolong pocketed tears – "Ke Bolong Sohu entertainment ten to send the Red Army" Sohu Angeles Drama "ten red" is sent for the two round of Guangxi satellite TV broadcast, the series consists of ten independent and interrelated stories, tells the story of many ordinary soldiers of the Red Army Long March in the journey, the first round of broadcast with unique artistic charm, with the power of faith transfer from revolutionary youth positive energy, favored by the younger generation, also won the praise of the industry. Young actor Ke Bolong in the second chapter of the "battle of Xiangjiang" in debut as a Red Army soldier week chestnut, cute characters stay adorable won the audience favorite. Send "ten red army" directed by famous director Mao Weining, Tong Dawei, Wang Lei, Ke Bolong and other actors starring strength. The biggest feature of the play is to break through the traditional theme of the theme of the narrative style, with ten stories to show the long march in the process of the ordinary Red Army soldiers bit by bit. Although many characters, but each character has a unique personality. One of the most amazing thing is Ke Bolong’s "sharpshooter" week Li, then played a successful suction eye, not only skills out, can be shot down with a "devil", and resourceful, and the White army negotiations, poised to create a perfect be neither humble nor pushy, have the courage to seek the image of god. But in the face of his comrades, "God of war" but immediately become adorable cute, so friends shouted: "stand, did not think you are such a god of war!" In yesterday’s story, "sharpshooter" week of chestnut in flesh and blood to withstand the enemy onslaught, and ultimately heroic sacrifice, pocketed the audience tears. It is worth mentioning that, with Ke Bolong in collaboration with director Mao Weining’s Anti Japanese drama "hero" in anger before the perfect ending, success, Ke Bolong as the "riffraff hero" won the praise Qiu loach, received praise. Director Mao Weining has repeatedly praised Barone Ke "is a very valuable actor", Ke Bolong also praised by Mao on many occasions: "my hair and guide cooperation many times, both parties have the tacit understanding, he is a very respectable director, can always learn a lot from him."相关的主题文章: