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Ten cities continue to rise in the property market to enter the purchase of more than nine channels in the context of monetary easing, the national real estate prices continue to rise. Subsequently, some of the city’s property market is relatively strict regulatory policies introduced. According to an agency, in August 2016, the country’s 100 cities (New) residential average price of 12270 yuan square meters, up by 2.17%, up from the previous month to expand by 0.54 percentage points. From the number of ups and downs of the city, 68 cities rose, the city fell in the 29 cities, the same as the 3 cities. Among them, the top ten cities are: Wuxi, Zhuhai, Kunshan, Langfang, Foshan, Shanghai, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Ji’nan. Yi think tank research director Yan Yuejin said that the current price rise from first-tier cities to the second city spread, with prices rising in second tier city, the local government has the pressure, so the prices rise too fast in the city were possible corresponding regulation measures. The hot market according to an agency statistics show that in August the property market Redubujian, city residential average price rose, the chain expanded, prices rose a larger part of the city and mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai’s three largest city circle. From the perspective of the city, the ten major cities in August 2016 the average price of second-hand residential areas rose by 1.34%, an increase of the previous month to expand by 0.64 percentage points. The ten big city of nine city rose, rose last month to reduce the number of a city, but most of the city or to expand. Specifically, Wuhan the largest increase, 3.59%; followed by Tianjin, Hangzhou, Beijing rose 3.45%; rose between 2%-3%; Nanjing rose 1.19%; Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen rose less than 1%, and basically the same as last month in Chongqing. Rapid rise in housing prices, and the continuous fermentation of the land market, making the property market unpopular in many cities. In the case of Wuhan, August 23rd, Wuhan Miao Shan Pu Village plots suffered several rounds of bidding, and ultimately to the high premium rate of 422% yuan, 7299 square meters of floor price to create a high Jiangxia district. According to the 2016 Wuhan state-owned construction land supply plan, Wuhan this year, the total supply of residential land for 15952 acres, the lowest value for nearly 5 years. A mechanism of Central Branch of the market research director Li Guozheng said, Wuhan since 2009 to promote large-scale transformation of villages near the city, basically to the end of 2014, enter the phase transformation of the old, the supply is less, so that every top quality plots by the introduction of public housing prices were looting. Lin Zhaoyang, President of Wuhan real estate believes that Wuhan is the strategic fulcrum of the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategic city, in 2015 GDP reached 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan, a key position in central china. At the same time, as of the first quarter of 2016, the average price of residential transactions in Wuhan reached 9250 yuan square meters, the future appreciation of considerable space, so the choice of Wuhan. In addition to Wuhan, Hefei, Xiamen property market as unpopular. 6 at the end of the land auction, Hefei centralized transfer 19 cases, a total area of 1826.7 acres, the cumulative won gold 19 billion 571 million yuan, the transfer of land in the 7 land premium rate of more than 200%. In charge of Hefei相关的主题文章: