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Tang Yan led the "open fire" Jinxiu Weiyang rave acting won the praise of friends lively entertainment – Sohu TV series "Jinxiu Weiyang" webcasting list Volume 24 hours online webcast break 360 million Sohu entertainment news on Friday, "beautiful costumes giant Weiyang" in the eye under hot air. Since the beginning of the play to the broadcast has been the subject of constant, hot non-stop, especially actress Tang Yan received many concerns. Since last Friday after the broadcast of the play and deliver the goods ratings and reputation soar, broadcast 24 hours of network traffic was 360 million to achieve "good start" of the popular level, actress Tang Yan is gained acclaim, especially in its acting by many users certainly. Yan double acting subversive value online Tang Yan deduction is certainly affected by the since 2015 6 TV hit, Tang Yan was praised as "the audience screen goddess", 2016 continuation of high yield and high quality works of Tang Yan, starring the "bounty hunters" "westward journey 3" three films released continuously and get good the box office and word of mouth. "Beautiful Weiyang" as the year’s most watched Tang Yan’s costume giant system broadcast in 2016 only one TV works, in the play Tang Yan first challenge legendary female role both Zhiyong and strategy of natural concern by the public. Friday after launch and deliver the goods continue to praise, whether it is drama, actors and other popular media and audience praise, which as the heroine Tang Yan particularly concern, played by Tang Yan Li Weiyang had lost family pain, back slapping evil servant simply, into the house after careful, grab the jade Jue when the wounded were Xinrudaoge eyes into all threads neatly tied up three points. Tang Yan’s wonderful interpretation by many users praise and affirmation: "Weiyang Yan Tang Yan’s value of acting online!" "Exquisite costumes and props, Tang Yan acting progress!" "Eyes are in place" and so on. Double top Tang Yan premiered on the same day data with the strength and the works speak drama "beautiful Weiyang" first launched the ratings reached the TV ratings and webcast of the first line, 24 hours after the network reached 360 million hits a good score on all of Tang Yan’s works, Tang Yan’s index is rapidly broken 9 the summit last year, the first list of personal index "one billion Queen" called domineering return. As one of the hottest actor in popular, also will inevitably encounter doubt and suspicion, in the face of bad voice, Tang Yan used the data and strength again answered and that the best, whether it is up to the end of 2015 all works in the network to reach 70 billion hits in 2016 also starred in the "beautiful" double launch Weiyang the summit, Tang Yan’s strength and results to be obvious to people, with "continuous hit" Jinxiu Weiyang, for Tang Yan’s works and high praise is also rising, believe "beautiful Weiyang" will be a conscience masterpiece, Tang Yan’s interpretation of strength will also bring to the audience and the media more surprises.相关的主题文章: