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Takeaway platform is now repeated false information involving 10 super store documents the scope of business license legal network reporter Wang Kaiguang Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau recently revealed that by the end of September 30th at 12 o’clock in the routine monitoring found a U.S. public information platform suspected false documents 22, valid display 10 stores publicity on the license has been. According to reports, U.S. nominal Juewei duck neck (gyoketsu shop) shops, nominal catering units as "Beijing Juewei duck neck catering management limited liability company, the issuing authority for the" Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration Bureau of Lugou Bridge ", it is understood that the food and drug administration has no" Lugou Bridge branch "mechanism. On the platform, dajiale Mao brother on Home Dishes, Shaxian County snacks (Caihuying shop), sister and the potato powder (shops), Datong Sliced noodles publicity of the issuing authority for the city of Beijing "Fengtai District Health Bureau", "Xicheng District Health Bureau", or simply write "Xuanwu District", "Xicheng District" spicy taste, private crayfish issuing authority for "Chaoyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau"; three lobsters (Lishui bridge), spicy world (Beiyuan shop), northeast of Jin Xin series and upload the "Miao medicated food service license issuing authority, issuing time, are valid and unrealistic. Beijing food and drug administration also found that the United States takeaway platform for 10 food and beverage outlets suspected of operating a super license. On the platform of the nominal "8090 pizza house", "7+7 Korean meal", "Qin taste old bowl", "Balolo", "Taiwan hand cake (pure lean meat wonton shop)" holds the food circulation permit in general, its scope is limited to retail biscuits and beverages pre package food, its activities attributable to the generally small supermarkets, grocery stores, these stores with three platforms, in does not have the basic food processing environment, facilities or personnel health conditions, using the ordering platform engaged in food processing and production sales, there are food safety hazards greatly. In addition, a U.S. platform of the northeast "shangougou Home Dishes (on it)", "flesh of a donkey fire", "micro delivery distribution (yuegezhuang captain seafood supper shop)", "Chengdu restaurant (New Century)", "Xiao Xiang Wang, the nominal catering units after the query does not have the dish manufacture qualification, but in the online orders can take the dishes such as peanuts, cucumber, preserved egg. Beijing food and drug administration official pointed out that if you hold a license expired business, in the law is equivalent to a license to operate. The future will be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of food network illegal acts and punishment, and increase the network of food safety violations efforts to maintain oversight of law enforcement efforts, to enhance the level of food safety in catering industry. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading consumer advocates take away dirty and messy in loading…相关的主题文章: