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Taixing City, more than 500 students can not apply for the college entrance examination to respond to the Bureau of Education – Sohu news, Jiangsu Province, Taizhou Zhen Tai high school. China Youth Daily News November 12th, from November 1st to 4 is the Jiangsu college entrance examination registration time, the enrollment information to confirm the deadline for the year of November 7th. In accordance with the regulations, not to make a report after overdue. But in November 7th, 46 year old Jiangsu, Jingjiang Zheng Huaili (a pseudonym) received a notice that he could not accept his son can not apply for college entrance examination. He did not dare to tell the result at a loss to children, children that "the teacher sent a message to you to review the period of senior high school entrance examination", and then hurried to the school to discuss the statement. When he arrived at school, he found that there were hundreds of people in the same situation. The school is Jiangsu City, Taizhou Zhen Tai high school (hereinafter referred to as vibration Thai high school), according to incomplete statistics, a total of more than 500 high school students did not sign up for success. The promise of "roll out of Oolong in November 4th, Zheng Huaili received the school sent the SMS can be said for the college entrance examination, will accompany the child to go to school to pay 200 yuan registration fee. After a day, the school sent a text message request 7 pm to 5 points to the Registrar’s office to confirm the signature of 2. The morning of November 7th 11, Zheng Huaili is ready to accompany the child to go to school before going out to confirm the signing, but received an emergency notice sent to the school, "said senior student enrollment is two counties and the Education Bureau actively communicate, scheduled this afternoon confirmed the time delay, the time waiting for the confirmation notice, promise must register for the exam the students will not affect". Zheng Huaili’s 19 year old child, 2014 senior high school entrance examination scores more than and 600 points, more than the provincial control line (minimum admission control scores – reporters note), Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, successfully admitted to high school, but not to the Jiangsu province SamSung grade high school student. Get the bridge middle school admission notice, Zheng Huaili children will turn to the vibration Thai high school. Taixing Zhentai high school under the jurisdiction of the city is located in Jiangsu Province, Taizhou City, the official website recruitment information display as Taizhou city’s first private senior high school". Zheng Huaili said the reason for the transfer, whose middle school is a three-star high school, Zhentai high school is four star high school — he saw in 2014 brochures Zhentai propaganda is the four star school high school. It is understood that the ordinary high school star rating is the evaluation of the Jiangsu Provincial Institute of ordinary senior high school (fully secondary) the implementation of a grade identification. The higher the star, the better the school. But the reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Institute of education assessment, vibration Thai high school is not a four star school. Zheng Huaili recalled that the children in the normal school of vibration Thai high school, pay tuition. Usually the school does not collect review fees, normal class. But he is not sure whether he is a student. School has a number of students, but also to ensure that a diploma, I do not understand, did not care too much." He said there is vibration Thai high school enrollment plan enrollment, he don’t need written material to prove whether there are student ID and graduation certificate. Later, Zheng Huaili’s children took part in the school military training and small college entrance examination (Jiangsu Province Academic Proficiency Test -)"相关的主题文章: