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Summary: China’s Beidou satellite push ASEAN – China News Agency, Nanning, September 12 (reporter Yang Chen) – the future of the Beidou satellite navigation system, will completely solve the problem of positioning system accuracy." China Beidou satellite navigation system chief architect Yang Changfeng 12, told reporters in Nanning. The same day, the 2016 China – ASEAN satellite navigation Cooperation Forum held in Guangxi, Nanning. Yang Changfeng said at the meeting, since the end of 2012 Beidou system for the Asia Pacific region to provide services since the operation of continuous stability, service positioning accuracy of 10 meters. The new on-line system, can provide the meter level, for Chinese within user decimeter level real-time positioning service. After the US global positioning system GPS, the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system, explore the international market to start the Beidou satellite navigation system. Because of its late start, the current market share of only about 1%. How to break through in the existing pattern, forming a situation of tripartite confrontation trend? Let China Star ASEAN line is broken. Yang Changfeng said that the Beidou system unique hybrid constellation design, can provide better performance, more stable, more reliable service for the ASEAN countries in the low latitude region, positioning accuracy is better than 5 meters. Also let the Beidou navigation system into the ASEAN more advantages. China satellite navigation system management office director Ran Chengqi introduction, Beidou chip has entered a new era of 40 nm, with the international advanced level of the same industry. But at present the cheapest chip price is only 10 yuan, which will have a very strong competitiveness. At present, China and ASEAN cooperation in the field of satellite navigation has made progress. Chinese national network information office director of Information Development Bureau Xu Yu introduction, Thailand, Kampuchea and China have jointly established a global satellite navigation station, providing important support for ASEAN services; build Malaysia and ASEAN compass data and service center, strengthen the sharing of data and services; the establishment of Beidou industrial demonstration park together with Laos, landing and promote industrial technology development; build Thailand and ASEAN China Beidou Technology City, promote technical exchanges and personnel training. How to better benefit the common people and the bilateral cooperation, become the most concerned about the topic of asean. Saphantgthong, director of the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of agriculture, Laos, Laos, said Thatheva, agricultural development is very important to Laos, we need accurate monitoring of land and resources, especially the precise positioning of satellite navigation. Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Development Co. Ltd., Malaysia president Datuk Weng Yi also pointed out that the future may consider the Beidou satellite technology applied to industrial fields, such as in the horse industry garden food processing base, to explore how to use the technology of food traceability, further improve the safety inspection record registration etc.. In this regard, ran Cheng said that the current Beidou has begun to enter the mobile phone, watches, navigation and other fields. With the development of chip miniaturization, low power consumption, low cost and so on, the compass will go to the public and serve the public life. In addition, the Beidou navigation also plans to form a world-class global service capabilities in 2020 to further address the weak links. In addition to government research institutions, China’s satellite navigation related fields相关的主题文章: