Su Rong’s son-in-law Cheng Danfeng trial father checked after the briber request back about 9000000

Su Rong’s son-in-law Cheng Danfeng trial: father checked after the briber asked back about 9000000 original title: Su Rong son Cheng Danfeng tried to plead guilty: father checked after the briber requested a refund on September 8th morning, Hunan Zhuzhou City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the original Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee, vice mayor Cheng Danfeng use the influence of bribery case. Cheng Danfeng said in court, the prosecution alleged charges no objection. The indictment shows that, as the former Secretary of the Jiangxi provincial Party Secretary Su Rong son-in-law, just to help find the relevant leaders of the three businessmen say hello, that is, they get sent to the equivalent of RMB 9 million 476 thousand yuan, HK $100 thousand. And that will be prosecuted or Su Rong sacked, three people have to find Cheng Danfeng a bribe. The original Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee, vice mayor Cheng Danfeng Zhuzhou city procuratorate accused Cheng Danfeng of money first is bribery, Jiangxi province Jiyang Real Estate Company controller Liao Cixiang sent 2 million yuan. In February 2010, Liao Cixiang was competing with 295 million yuan in Jiangxi province Jishui County North District w-05-06 plots. Due to financial constraints, he repeatedly asked the Jishui county government to pay three of the land transfer payments, batches of land use rights, in violation of the relevant provisions of the State Council and the Ministry of land and other relevant ministries, has not been approved. In June 2010, Liao Cixiang gave 2 million yuan Cheng Danfeng, Cheng Danfeng asked to coordinate the matter. Cheng Danfeng to be accepted, has to Jiangxi City, Ji’an Province, the Provincial Department of finance, said the leadership of the leadership, asked to be taken care of by the leadership of the Department of finance, Jiangxi. In accordance with Cheng Danfeng’s argument in the trial, he met Liao Cixiang in Beijing, is a bank vice president introduced. They eat in xiangeqing, car to go, Liao Cixiang carrying two bags, said to be "native". He had a look at home, there is cash, in case of 10 bundles, "it is easy to check". Prosecutors accused second bribes, property equivalent to RMB 5 million 276 thousand yuan, occurred in 2009 to 2012. At that time, Fan Xiaoqing’s Beijing brile technology investment limited to the acquisition of Jiangxi Jianglian energy environmental protection at the Limited by Share Ltd (later renamed the lineunit heavy Limited by Share Ltd, hereinafter referred to as the Jianglian company) 94.33% equity, the equity held by Jiangxi boiler chemical petroleum machinery joint limited liability company. Fan Xiaoqing asked Cheng Danfeng to the Nanchang city leaders say hello, hope that the agreement to sell equity can, without consent; and help in the process after the fan asked the above listed equity sale of additional favorable conditions, out of competition, Nanchang city related aspects of the support, the company finally completed the acquisition of van. The prosecution alleged, afterwards, Fan Xiaoqing promised to send 5 million Yuan Cheng Danfeng. Fan in 2010 has three times to Cheng sent a total of 1 million 500 thousand yuan in 2012, and the brother-in-law of Wujiang to make the process of generation Jianglian company shares 800 thousand shares (worth 3 million 776 thousand yuan). January 2013, in August 2014, Cheng Danfeng has received 415 thousand yuan through the Wujiang account, $384 thousand. 2016, Jiang Lian company to 8 million 3 thousand and 500 yuan price to buy the shares held by Cheng Danfeng. Third pen involved in the amount of RMB 2 million 200 thousand yuan, HK $100 thousand. In 2011, the developers asked Cheng Danfeng shangguan.相关的主题文章: