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[strong crowd] into the city of Hefei Wanda, Wang Jianlin Disney – Wang Jianlin before the tourism Sohu challenge destabilize Disney, said Wanda in Shanghai, Disney 20 years of surplus can not profit. Currently, Shanghai has opened a hundred days of Disney, the Chinese market is trying to get gold. At the same time, Wanda Group following Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Wuxi, Harbin and other places, but also in Hefei to build a Wanda cultural tourism city. Here close to Chaohu, is a large and complex set of cultural, tourism, commercial, hotel four content in one, although still in the trial stage, but it is heavy traffic, crowded, running in good condition, a potential blow to Disney. This will be the essence of Huizhou culture and modern technology combined with 33 world-class amusement equipment cluster, will officially open on September 24th. Bloggers as the same way check guest star, fortunately in advance during the Mid Autumn Festival to experience the thrills, excitement, and bumper cars, 4D movies, 3D lights show the Great Lakes water suitable for couples, family leisure, warmth project. Hefei Wanda cultural tourism city is located in Hefei District of Binhu China ring Chaohu tourism zone core area, where a beautiful environment, entertainment space is vast, young people can not only entertainment, more suitable for family travel, vacation to relax. Before coming here, I am full of expectations, really feel a sense of arrival here, I can not help but feel the emotion, the strange architecture, the design of the fine, service in place! Here is the most fun fun piece large outdoor theme park, indoor water park, high-tech park film, Wanda Mao, more star hotel group, Binhu new world, the emblem shows multiple formats. To meet the needs of tourists to eat, live, travel, travel, shopping, entertainment, etc.. The gate design of Hefei Wanda park is quite distinctive, combined with Anhui local good opera style, like a big red door design launched Fengguan, tourists lenovo. So it’s also called Facebook square. Park a large part in the battle of the scene elements, including ancient soldiers, watchtower, range and other decoration. In addition, it also created a dream bazaar, good Hui Hui Anhui, Anhui wind Pavilion, emblem sound emblem color, joy studio, create folk culture street characteristics of Anhui, offers a variety of shopping experience for our customers. Liyuanchun is one of the most distinctive restaurant park. Inside the restaurant in Anhui, the most famous Huangmei Opera Culture and culture as the main line to the Chen decoration, and catering to Southeast Asian style delicacy and rich western style meals mainly multiselect. Let visitors experience the full China broad and profound culture of opera at the same time, were famous the world delicacy. The first phase of China type double roller coaster, enjoy roller coaster king ". At the same time, the two sets of trains are raised to the top of the track, which is turned over by a unique track breaking technology, and is driven by a speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour. Sitting on the roller coaster you even afraid to hold back because the dragon and tiger roar, meet, brave victory! Here is the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster:相关的主题文章: