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Trucks You’re going out somewhere really rich and exclusive and you want to arrive in style. So, why not think of hiring a limo for a night on the town? And, if you bargain hard, you can even ride in a stretch limo for lesser than you think. Here are some steps to hire a limo: 1. Find out the cost: A standard limousine that ac.modates six passengers will cost you between $40 and $80 per hour, while a stretch limo that seats six to eight passengers, costs $60-$100 per hour. You can hire a limo for a minimum of four to five hours. 2. What amenities will it give you? Check that the limo hire .pany is licensed to operate and insured. Next, decide if you want a standard, stretch, super stretch or specialty limo. Figure out the time you want it for and the number of people you want to seat in it. Would you want the limo to have a bar, stereo, inter., sunroof, and Jacuzzi, TV and DVD player? Work hard to get the best price. 3. Check the make and year of the limo you hire: Not just these, also check the condition of the limo, its amenities, color, etc. Once you’re .pletely satisfied with the limo, go ahead and pay the deposit. However, ensure that the deposit is refundable, just in case it doesn’t match up to your expectations. You could also go to the limo .pany and book the limo of your choice. 4. How much in advance should you make a booking? If you are particular about the kind of limo you want to book, you might have to do this really early. 5. Hire a dependable driver: You must have a good driver or your evening will be ruined. He should be experienced, professional, have good manners and be well-versed with the city. To make sure the evening goes off without a glitch, fax your itinerary to the .pany ahead so that the driver knows where to go and what to expect. 6. Should you stock the bar or will the limo .pany? Check out this aspect when you negotiate the rate, as you get a lower rate if you stock the bar. 7. Are tips included? Check this out as you might be expected to tip the driver separately. 8. Have you been referred by any customers? If yes, go in only for those limo hire services but never book with a stranger. 9. Are there any hidden costs? It’s best to know about any hidden costs beforehand rather than be shocked later with a fat bill. 10. And what if you cancel the booking? If, for some reason, you need to cancel your booking, you will perhaps lose the deposit, but to be sure there are no more expenses, find out the limo .pany’s cancellation policy. 11. Ask for a written contract: You must ensure you’re given a written contract to protect your interests with all the details of your rental. Once you pay the deposit, the .pany and you must sign the contract. It should contain details such as your choice of car, pick-up and drop-off time, deposit, cancellation fees, etc. Limo brokers own a fleet of limo and coaches. Relay on them for cheap coach hire, limo hire London, wedding car hire, limos in london, limo hire middlesex, Limousine hire and Limo Hire . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: