Stephen Busse. Interview Maupassant is not a remake to explain the

Stephen Busse. Interview: Maupassant is not a remake of "life" to explain the novel film Tencent (seamosu) entertainment Zhuangao adapted and there are many ways to subvert the masterpiece, the most extreme that inevitably making polarization evaluation. Stephen · bouce film "life" successfully aroused the likes and dislikes of expected. Even as Maupassant read the original novel to control film, some people will find it extremely lengthy and tedious, hypnosis, but in which there is looking for postmodern narrative fun friends, consider it highly purified, conform to no conventional pattern of characters. Ignore the story is happening of the lens, is to enter the "life" image system is the biggest obstacle, for this, director Stephen also Brussels would be ready to explain. Tencent Entertainment: talk about the fate of his novels with Maupassant. Stephen · Brussels: 20 years ago, my partner Florence Vignon will introduce the script I read the novel, it had been adapted into a movie. Then I also stressed from time to time, but until the year before "market law" before the shooting, began to write, but also relied on a "legal" market revenue as funds. Tencent Entertainment: "life" vision is very special, a lot of time in the film, your camera does not show what is happening, but the facial close-up or empty lens, so what is the point? Stephen · Brussels: I believe that the lens can give the audience imagination, it can make people some of their life experience and emotional substitution. Of course, you may never show all things, always can only focus on a space, in this movie, perhaps is focused on a close relationship. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain the story in the language of the film. Instead, I want to catch some pictures and let them come to the screen and inspire the audience. In order to achieve this idea, I do not need to use the lens to explain everything in the novel, but the selection of the most important things in life. Tencent Entertainment: the theme of your previous works are very present, the form is very realistic, and documentary language to show, why this time into the Maupassant novel in the nineteenth Century story? Stephen · Brussels: we did a documentary’s attitude and the way to shoot a work on "market law", not only because it has a documentary for the audience has framed the hand-held camera, but because the structure and development of the needs of the story in this way. There is the way I use the lens to analyze the character level, it is more like to let him in the story of the natural time, so we have to use the camera to close as close as possible. "Life" is also true, from the beginning of the emergence of an ordinary girl, to step by step to reveal that she grew up as a rich level of women, are like a documentary in the shooting of a real person. Tencent Entertainment: outside the means, the role of different centuries will be a continuation of it? Stephen · Brussels: "life" and the "law" of the market about Terry, is a idealist. A security guard Terry in the supermarket, not cold identification with company terms, and left angrily in no posterior case,.相关的主题文章: