Star notes to create cross dimensional planning idol premiered on October

"Xing Meng notes" to create cross dimensional planning idol premiered on October 3rd Tencent entertainment news (style easy) 27, "Xing Meng notes" in Beijing held the first media preview, which is discussed in the "Chinese raise a Babel of criticism of Lovelive!" Finally unveiled the first. "Star" notes by the well-known Japanese animation animation company responsible for the production, by Kikuchi Tatsuya served as the director. About several animation in the near future the idol of the garden, 6 different character of the girls through efforts to become the idol story. In music, "Star" also notes by Japanese famous lyricist and performer play production, animation will be innovative use of 15 minutes and 15 minutes of voice animation shows the form in October 3rd, in Japan, TOKYO MX premiere, updated by the BiliBili barrage network edition. As a producer, major person in charge of the music element in the preview on the details of the "Star" notes project details, and for the first time, the first two episodes of animation show. In Japan, "LoveLive! School idol project" launched 6 years ago, has become popular in East Asia and the world, the image of the idol of the two representatives, in China also has a large number of fans. Was born in the "LoveLive"! The idol combination’s is a successful case from two dimension to the three dimension. Planning the synchronous development of LoveLive based on Mobile Games "idols"!, has obtained great success in Japan, a total of more than 17 million game player in 2 years ago in China, officially open service, game player has exceeded 4 million. "LoveLive! "The success of a full range of this idol planning routines are different in character adorable girl, two or three dimensional synchronous exposure, animation, comics, radio drama, music, broadcast and offline concert simultaneously. "Star" notes from content and form by 15 minutes +15 minutes voice broadcast animation story combining form. The story is set in the VR technology is very mature in the near future, idol activities gradually transferred from reality to virtual space. 6 distinct personality of young girls not only to accept the harsh hell training, but also to run in each other, become one of the most tacit partner, facing the challenge of competitors. "Star" and "LoveLive notes! The biggest difference is that it is the Chinese element". The role of the set, six protagonists in the two from china. Shanghai sister Lin Weiwei’s dream is to return to his hometown to open the concert, Dalian sister Luo Yuzhao in the early stage of the role of the reference to the impression of the Northeast people. Does the show will also involves a large number of Chinese elements. In addition, 6 Japanese seiyuu since joining the planning of the day began Chinese learning. The song, the "Star" notes will have a dozen songs released in Japanese bilingual version, the future will have the original Chinese songs. 3 from China’s sister strength interpretation of Chinese songs. (PS. three in October 2nd Shanghai firefly man exhibition debut and live performances) recently invited well-known music elements Chinese UP bite cat, to NicoNico in Japanese seiyuu air show. "Although day.相关的主题文章: