St Paul shell war sounded the fate of the reorganization of different numbers invictus gaming

*ST company, Paul shell war sounded chongfenghao restructuring national contest: different investment adviser King peep catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Wang Rong Wind data show that as of October 30th, 70 the implementation of the delisting risk warning A shares in the company, there are 58 released three quarterly. 32 of them before the three quarter of the cumulative net profit is still a loss. *ST company Shell war sounded the charge number, the shell will be a new path to change. However, in ST, Paul shell resorted to exhaust all the skills at the same time, the market of the shell resource is getting cold. The sale of assets in October 28th, the successful sale of Accor technology *ST Shun trading. Even if the sale of Accor technology, still can not fill the *ST before the three quarter results in success. Following the 2014 and 2015 consecutive losses, the company lost 217 million 305 thousand yuan in the first quarter of this year, three yuan. The next two months, the "shell" of the road, still need to shun *ST. In fact, not alone in the "shell" on the road ahead *ST shun. A shares in the 70 companies were delisting risk warning, as of October 30th, there are still 32 losses in the first three quarters of net profit. The company’s shell pressure concentrated in the fourth quarter. Limited by the audit, "the sale of assets plus the non-public offering of shares to buy assets, assets, assets reorganization + purchase + replacement issued shares to buy assets such as long cycle path security shell shares issued, and the process is more complex, a relatively small chance of success. In this context, the sale of assets has become an important choice for many companies short-term losses. Wind data show that this year, there are 17 *ST companies to sell assets, more intensive since the fourth quarter. *ST Hongsheng evening of October 28th three quarterly disclosure. The company said that to benefit from asset restructuring, the ability to continue to be greatly improved, is expected to achieve profitability in 2016. The company was in 2014, the year for two consecutive years of losses in the first quarter of this year, a loss of 892 thousand and 700 yuan in the three quarter of 2015. In October 10th, the company completed the sale of rental laiyinda 45% stake, at a price of 100 million yuan. The fate of different reorganization of the sale of the assets would be just a delaying tactic, mostly *ST companies eventually need to restructure the nirvana of the phoenix. This year, *ST *ST, *ST alloy, Jean *ST, *ST, Jianfeng Jiangquan Pearl River 5 companies have released the restructuring plan; *ST jichai, *ST Jin Rui, *ST *ST, *ST Shun gas, biological ship, *ST days of the restructuring plan of 6 companies have been passed by the shareholders; Xinghua issued a trial of recombinant *ST through the implementation of the reorganization of the Commission; has *ST, *ST and *ST flowers therapy, new *ST, *ST, *ST, black river, Jin Yuan *ST, *ST rubber, blue Feng *ST bridge, *ST steel. Restructuring progress, the fate of different. The restructuring of ST has been implemented in the first three quarters of the basic profitability. The restructuring plan through the issuance examination committee is to get a ticket, on相关的主题文章: