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Business Lets face it, we dont all have the luxury of a huge allotment or large kitchen garden, yet for the majority of us, the opportunity to grow fresh herbs and veg is still a possibility! Now more than ever, people from all walks of life are recognising that growing your own is something they can try and the nation is hungry to grow their own fruit and vegetables, for better taste, and healthier living, saving money and food miles into the bargain! Visit for more raised garden beds for flowers . Anyone can grow veg,if they have space for a wooden planter or ideally a small raised bed. Salads even sown as late as August will rapidly produce a lovely mix of leaves to cut and .e again. The Wood BlocX range of planters and raised beds offer a flexible and simple solution to get you Growing Your own! Growing your own veg can also mean significant cost savings, so it is worth the initial investment to create your growing space. The unprecedented snowfall we experienced earlier this year, badly affected vegetable production in the UK, and that has been followed by very dry spells. Indeed we have had the driest Spring since records began! This has all resulted in crop losses and in the case of varieties such as sprouting broccoli and cauliflower, half the crops have been lost. The dwindling supply of produce is resulting in vegetable prices soaring in the shops, with vegetable prices set to reach new records for the fifth year in succession as the affects of the big freeze and droughts hit the crop harvest. So is about time that we realised that from a couple of square metres you can grow an enormous amount of salad leaves for example.Read for more raised garden beds for flowers. We are seeing more and more varieties developed to produce a high yield in small spaces, so you dont even need a garden, just a planter on the patio or a raised bed. If you are truly short of space, interplant your vegetables with your flowers. Theres no reason why you should not mix the two. With prices the way they are and an increasing demand for better tasting veg, there has never been a better time for people to grow their own and using Wood BlocX to create your planter or raised bed couldnt be simpler to start you off! Wood BlocX Top Ten Vegetables for Small Spaces 1. Runner Beans 2. French Beans 3. Salad Leaves incl. Lettuce, Little Gem and Dazzle 4. Rocket 5. Carrots 6. Tomatoes (Grafted) 7. Aubergines 8. Spinach 9. Baby Beetroot 10. Baby Turnip So what sort of yields can you expect? With a typical seed packet of runner beans, you can sow a single 25ft/7.5m row. Typical yield will be around 30lbs/13.6kg for a 25ft row. With an average cost for a regular packet of seeds being around 2.85, that equates to just 21p a Kg! With average supermarket prices hitting up to 7.50 a kg thats around 37 times more expensive than growing your own! As mentioned at the start, Broccoli supplies have been badly hit and average prices per kg will soon be rising to over 2 a kilo.Yet a 1.75 packet of Early Purple Sprouting Brocoli will give around 20kg from a 50ft/7.5m row, providing supplies at around an average of just 9p a kilo! Bags of fresh salad will set you back around 1 for a 100g bag. A 1.55 packet of Baby Leaf salad mix will give you a 25ft/7.5m row, which, if you use successional growing techniques (little and often) mentioned in an earlier blog, and cut and .e again, should give you the equivalent of around 3.3kg of fresh leaves, or 33 bags! In addition to savings made, other advantages of home grown vegetables include increased choice of varieties, freshness and retained nutrients, better flavour, reduced carbon footprint (reduced transportation) and control over pesticide and fertiliser used.Read for more raised garden beds for flowers . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: