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Spicy shrimps, most men love the food and drink Mencius Sohu – close to the lake, eat more natural fish. The weather is cold after the small shrimp produced more, every morning light water in the lake, fishing people take early salvaged aquatic spreading on oil, put the shrimp into piles according to the size of the fish, divided into different types according to the sale price. The most popular is the shrimp, jumping, transparent body, hand Catching only a faint scent of sweet smell. Spend ten yuan to buy a small pile, take home with hot pepper stir fried, spicy sweet, that is an excellent wine at noon. Out of hand delicious shrimp shrimp, fried with hot oil, and then put into a dozen pieces of Longjing, fresh and tender taste sweet, and a pot of rice, well, this is the South eat. Southern cooking dishes are delicate, exquisite, for the taste is critical. Change in the north, the small shrimp wouldn’t eat. Northern cooking love directly not sloppy, but also with some rough is very similar to the character of the north. The shrimp are wrapped in batter with pan fried until golden brown Jiaocui, add a little salt and pepper directly by hand to eat; some small shrimp with hot pepper stir fried, spicy and delicious. Fish meat is tender and delicious, rich in a variety of trace elements in river shrimp and rich in calcium, edible calcium strong physique. The other shrimp in the countryside and invigorating kidney said, put pepper fried shrimp called bar waist. Explanation is that by saying, eat shrimp are strong and hard. [ingredients]: shrimp, 250g oil 10g, 1 pieces of ginger, pepper, shrimp, small amount of 1 to clean, wash with water after a few times to remove and control water. 2 wok pour oil, add ginger, Pepper Fried spicy fire. 3, wash the shrimp into the wok, stir a small fire. 4, shrimp stir fry until dry after transferred to salt, stir fry tasty.      相关的主题文章: