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Travel-and-Leisure Tamilnadu ,the southern state of India, is home to many tourism wonders like the multiple religious pilgrimage sites and also eight UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES apart from hillstations ,natural resources and beaches.one of the best of India tours as tamilnadu tour is one of its kind .Being promoted by Tamilnadu development corporation(TTDC),a government of tamilnadu undertaking,Tamilnadu s tourism industry has become the second largest in India,with a high annual growth rate of 16%.To attract more tourists,the state government has even launched the tourism campaign with the tagline enchanting tamilnadu.it is a land of varied beauty,and wide display of historical and cultural architecture.Exclusive tours to tamilnadu can serve as the best means of celebrating vacations as a part of India tourism services.Temple town. Tamil nadu manifests the largest number of temples in entire India with exquisite exteriors and intricately designed interiors in Dravidian style. Tamilnadu tour packages can avail you the visit to these locations and rejuvenate your mind.no doubt Tamilnadu is a land of devotion a land that enchants the spirit and elevates the soul by providing the opportunity of visiting several religious places in close proximity with each other.The typical features of the temples out here is the gopurams.Those temples reckoned as world heritage sites include the brihandishwara temple at thanjavur built by the cholas ,the Airavateswara temple in darasuram,the shore temple in mahabalipuram.some other grand temples are located in Madurai-madurai meenakshi temple,Sri ranganathaswamy temple,Srirangam,rameshwaram,with the longest corridors in the world(1.2 km).the highlighted feature of the tamilnadu tour and even India tours is the temple tours. The temples in Tamilnadu reflects the artistic excellence of the Dravidian architects.The sculptures of deities carved on the temple walls are evidences of their extraordinary art as well as immaculate cultural heritage.the south India holiday tour is mostly aimed at the tamil nadu tour as as an integral part Exquisite landscapes of tamilnadu tour packages.Tamilnadu is ordained by Mother Nature with scenic landscapes.And so the forests visit are most coveted part of the south India holiday tour and tamilnadu tour as well. The hillstations like ooty(udhagamandalam),yercand,topslip,coonoor are quite famous among tourists.The elevated terrains are unparalled in its beauty-vastly forested and inhabitated by varied flora and fauna are the NILGIRI HILLS,Palani hills,kolli hills,and the cardamom hills which is potentially destination of adventurous wildlife safari tour .The typical geographical location of Tamilnadu in the plains of western ghats in its west and surrounded by eastern ghats in its east has led to the lush green vegetation. The wildlife sanctuaries like-Mukurthi national park,Kalakkad mundane thurai tiger reserve ,gulf of mannar biosphere reserve are major attractions.Serene beaches and waterfalls.TAmilnadu has the worlds third largest coastline and hence it is home to many beach locations.MARINA BEACH in Chennai is the longest in the world. Waterfalls like Hogenakal,silver cascade are captivating to visitors.Tamil nadu enchants the true spirit of India.A charming location of the south ,it can provide an efficient meaning to any touring practice in India.We provide the tamilnadu tour packages,exclusive tamilnadu tour packages and even south India holiday tour packages at cost effective rates ,so explore the south India with us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: