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"Sparrow" Li Yifeng Dongyu Zhou led the interpretation of human agents Sina entertainment news "sparrow" the 14 episode, Dongyu Zhou [micro-blog] as Xu Bicheng wanted to save former intimate old classmates, in the Tangshan sea was rejected after saying the intelligence work is fishing, but fishing in the process of seeing the little boy fall in the water do not save? When she found that without action is not only a threat to Chen deep life, will be exposed to each other, and with the help of Tang mouth Dulu: "I like mountain made a mistake." According to the traditional spy drama or drama war tradition, Xu Bicheng this role is undoubtedly the bane of personal emotional and harm of the organization, a few sets will be removed. But "the sparrow" screenwriter Matt don’t think so, he deliberately created such an unqualified "rookie" agents, to restore the basic human nature in the bloody war spy. In fact, this tonality in the first set on the. "Sparrow" begins with "prime minister" and Chen Shen joint, Chen is not wakened up deep joy, but to the "prime minister" to their years of suffering, because the "prime minister" is his sister-in-law, relatives can sue, can be full of complaints. Can not wait for uncle sister-in-law Syria enough, my sister-in-law become Bi Zhongliang’s prisoner, "prime minister" banned the rescue, even repeatedly reminded Chen mission deep deep mind, Chen refused to listen, he just wore Bi Zhongliang suspicion until the rescue failed, he noted, grief stricken, fell fainting. Chen deep distressed estimated audience wanted Chen deep not to save the "prime minister", but this is obviously not to be the screenwriter Matt, in his view of the world, the instinct of human nature not only drives Chen not to abandon the deep loved ones, and also make the "prime minister" shall not commit suicide. On the surface, Xu Bicheng young and lack of experience in the struggle, even a fine and deep trouble; Chen Ayutthaya deep, is a knife licking the blood of an old traveller, in fact they are a passer-by, and all the way humanity never forget. Logically speaking, do intelligence work to a rational, two to cold, but humanity refused to cold, full of human feelings, emotions and drives the emotional, perceptual to non rational, and irrational partner across the sea of Tangshan Xu ", issued a rescue illegal has become close friends condemned Zhou Li’s instructions. For Xu Bicheng’s stupid, screenwriter has long been a good excuse for her, said she was in Whampoa  when the results are not good, has long been determined by the teacher is not suitable for intelligence work. However, according to the information requirements of the job, her former teacher Chen Whampoa  deep where to go or not, he is not brave enough, loyalty, there are too many reluctant and not put the feelings, including love, affection and even sympathy. But this is the script to Chen and Xu Bicheng deep, true to life, with the truth of human nature, which is different from other traditional "sparrow" Spy Drama the warmth of. A similar idea in the "sparrow" spy predecessors "before dawn" has also been a performance. "Before dawn" in addition to Tan Zhongshu and Liu Xinjie on this life sundapu brothers, and Qi Peilin and the two office of brothers, the key moment than the brothers Liu Xinjie people, it is difficult to reverse and blame Li Bohan, actually in the end, several brothers and a tacit understanding of Liu Xinjie, in the film at the end of "seaman" grave Liu Xinjie, implicitly exposed themselves, but for It is all up with and.相关的主题文章: