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Southeast Asia in > down back and favorite fishing village! [eleven] – special tourism Sohu bumps for more than four hours, finally arrived at Mina, starting from Dalat to Mina road also saw no other city or town, Dalat there is traveling in the mountains, has been slowly down the hill, down to sea level almost, suddenly saw the sea and red sand then, back to the car to stop, it was just noon time, the car is feeling the heat blowing sunshine is very strong, instantly feel to get off after the summer, the direction is clear, there is only one road to the left or right, just get off there will be a group of people come to recommend the hotel like the soliciting where we live, not scheduled to prepare for, we get off the place should be the center of the back, look at the Raiders before I knew the farther east Accommodation is cheaper, more to the more expensive are high-end hotel, we are looking for a cold drink shop here and see the rest of the old Chen Jingjing and I went to the hotel luggage, cold stores, you can see the sea, but at first glance, the water is not very blue, and the thick smell of the sea, the beach is not directly the moment of the sea embankment, Mina greatly disappointed, but it can be seen on the right side of the sea a lot of people in the kite surfing. Mina is the only way of endless, Mina really disappointed ah, on both sides of the road are Restaurant Hotel and travel agency, is entirely up to the construction of tourism, on the side of the sea is a sea view room on the other side is cheap hotel, before someone says to Mina they must live in a sea view room, small and old Chen yesterday they climbed to Mina they live is more than and 40 dollars, then small hut, send us the video is very beautiful, so we decided to stay on this side of the sea, but our budget should be lower, so I chose to go to the East. Mina do not have to worry about accommodation, we do not like to go directly after a predetermined is entirely possible, Mina is not like other places, accommodation here is very concentrated, is on the road, and is next to a. Slowly find always find the right. My request is that the pool, and then I saw two people Jingjing we can accept the price should be in the hotel walked in and asked the price to visit the room, this is the first time I have such an experience to find the hotel ah, a hotel room environment to talk about the price, the price can be. Bargain, but also can cut a lot of. All the way to go all the way to ask, from the central through Boke stall that one, now is noon time not what people, the food stalls seafood are not laid out, but occasionally still can see that rare creatures for food, the food stalls area continue to move forward, so both of us out of several kilometers, finally found the swallow, because before someone and I recommend, so when the price is still relatively good, decided to live here, did not eat lunch, the weather was not hot, not to continue to seek, as if the price is triple petrel 30 dollars, of course if you have the patience to continue to find it can find the hotel with high price. Swallow Fishers Hotel, still 1相关的主题文章: