South Korea and Changzhou tour and find little sign friendly interactive

South Korea and Changzhou tour and find little sign "file" in order to create a friendly interaction with foreign students interactive learning exchanges open platform for Changzhou local students, at the same time broaden the international vision, China students in September 26, 2016, sponsored by the Changzhou Yangzi Evening News reporter Xiao management center and the Changzhou City Bridge to find primary school exchanges between China and South Korea in search of small place the exchange of 22 South Korean students and seek students participation, more school teachers and teachers find the ROK exchanged teaching experience. Yesterday morning, the Yangtze Evening News reporter Changzhou small management center staff led the Korean teachers and students visited the Changzhou museum. It is worth mentioning that, because these children are very limited in Changzhou at the time, the original Monday closed museum dedicated to adjust the working time, let the teachers and students from South Korea can feel the history of Changzhou library. "It’s so interesting, I can’t think of an ordinary city in China that has such a thick history." A South Korean primary school students say. School lunch after the bridge to find primary school the young pioneers little commentators in order to lead South Korea to visit the campus for students, small, South Korean children were the school quite quaint campus deeply attracted. At the beginning of the interaction, to find a small arrangement of "Chinese calligraphy" characteristics of the course, the Korean students into the world of Chinese characters. For calligraphy teacher explained the origin and development of Chinese calligraphy and classification of calligraphy knowledge for Korean students, and teach simple way of writing brush calligraphy, Chinese course of Korean students very seriously listening to this unique, do not sigh bursts. Korean teachers also heard of intense interest, eager to pick up the brush. After the characteristics of the course, the Chinese and Korean students performed a cultural interaction, dance, singing, comic performances and other events is to win applause. It is worth mentioning that, after the matchmaking, South Korea representatives and seek representatives signed the two party friendly interactive documents, and give each other gifts. Guo Jingyu相关的主题文章: