South Congress Is Now Soco-xpphone

Real-Estate Not long ago, Austin’s vibrant, creative and hip neighborhood known as SoCo was a little sleazy, a place where businesses had slumped and a couple of motels rented rooms by the hour. Now those restored South Congress motels are likely to be renting rooms to high tech execs and movie stars. The broad avenue is lined with apartments, condos, lofts, plus boutiques, funky-fun stores, restaurants, neighborhood bars and coffee shops. A few longtime businesses survived South Congress transition from slump to vibrant-hip neighborhood; One being the popular Austin 24 hour Magnolia Caf. One of the most famous SoCo landmarks on the avenue is the Continental Club, where many top musical acts have launched their careers. The old St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop remains and avenue bargain hunting has been given a boost by shops like Un.mon Objects which busts at the seams with recycled Junque and Kitsch. First Thursday is not just a day on the monthly calendar in SoCo, it marks a local tradition when shops stay open late, playing host to an array of events and activities on the avenue. Austin’s past is being preserved and even redefined in SoCo. So, for breakfast, South Congress residents can head to El Sol y La Luna, the wonderful patio cafe adjacent to the Austin Motel on the avenue where Julia Roberts has been sighted on occasion. New developments along the northern border near the Texas School for the Deaf have brought in well-known national names like Starbucks, but, with the creative persistence that marks life in Austin, homegrown businesses, like Jo’s Coffee, have burst onto the scene and be.e instant local landmarks by immersing themselves in the neighborhood. In Jo’s case that means sponsoring fashion shows featuring South Congress designers and summer movies in the parking lot. A few familiar faces have been driven away by high business rents, but others like Fran’s drive-in hamburger joint have hung on and are now part of the restaurant mix with places like Vespaio, noted for its antipasto bar, and its sister cafe, Enoteca. Residents of South Congress apartments can dine upscale or down in SoCo, pizza by the slice, sushi, veggies to go, or three course dinners with vintage wine. Same goes for shopping. South Congress was a haven for retro clothing before it became SoCo. Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds and Electric Ladyland is where Bob Dylan is rumored to have shopped for retro outfits. New Bohemia is another retro spot for clothes and home furnishings, plus there are new boutiques including Blackmail, for all things black, and Vivid, for all things… well vivid. Music and movie stars present and future are not the only big names to shop in SoCo. The El Presidente taco and tamale plate at Guero’s is named in honor of President Bill Clinton who occasionally stops in at the popular top of Congress Avenue restaurant. SoCo is not a star-gazing neighborhood, but rather one that attracts residents and visitors because it just captures the Austin vibe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: