Sorcer Mobile Games and action mechanism of wildfire-tataufo

The mechanism of onmyoji and action mechanism of Mobile Games – Sorcer and the interpretation of wildfire action to combat the following picture is action and wildfire area. The following information is introduced to see how to use in combat. 1 the number of operations: onmyoji fixed calculation 5 times, 5 times each action to restore system wildfire. The number of operations including God and Sorcer, wind, luthier skills that shikigami action immediately, do not take up a number of actions. Action by hellspawn speed, which is called the track system, commonly known as brace. Number 2: in addition to 2-3 wildfire wildfire war gift (explore is 3 points, the Royal soul seems to be 2? With lighter after never noticed.. ), the system will automatically reply in wildfire after the 5 time, the first round of the 3 round of the second action reply, reply 4, third after each round of 5 to four recovery time to stop the flow of rabbits for example: generally 2 + Pugong, rabbit onmyoji +2 rabbit, when the last activity of the rabbit get 3 fire first reply system, three rabbit dance is the 6 fire, with three fire, so the first round dance requires 3 fire spirit force 2 times, so the third rabbit has the fire jump, so the 4 lucky rabbit first round action is easier to roll over, then Pugong falls on the fifth act, if the existing wildfire is greater than 6, that attacking God can be amplified, anyway, after the system will get a gift -. Add a few points: the soul 10 third back to the Dai Tengu rate is near 160, the first rabbit speed to target to dance. The insurance for Kagura seimei ratio, Kagura blast after the abolition of tempering basically no value, but also easy to remember the mixed rabbit.. The clear belt cover, a fault-tolerant opportunity. The action bar either 3 or 5 shikigami are hellspawn 5 first round, so the speed is the value that you than the other hyperactivity several times, can be some fire ah ~ related action speed is a property, the so-called brace race. Now we study stays almost all ~ low on double rabbit ferret ~ in addition to race awfully hit first, and the value of tempering ah ~ ~ a hellspawn action is run to the end point from the starting point to end point race into action, action after back to the starting point to start running. Since the running distance is fixed, the order of action is only related to speed. A brace here add wind and musician, this kind of immediate action in addition to the skills do not take action, the race is immediately to change position, can be immediately pulled to the end point of action shikigami. The other 30% of the action of the mountain rabbit, we all know, here is not to say that there is a bug. When the blue in the 1-4 lattice, Kagura, Royal soul Rudao two wheel will not increase the dynamic action of lattice. But five is two plus action lattice, this will get to the fire system. | source: 18183 editor: Archangel Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: