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Do not smoke in the onmyoji SSR hellspawn SSR how to do recently a hellspawn extraction strategy particularly fire Mobile Games Huobian is said to fly out of the Japanese island of Kyushu earth. It is the legendary onmyouji! Although just an ordinary card to develop the game plot structure is very enrich each character also to perfect voice the ear is to be pregnant we first take a look at the very Words alone are no proof., exquisite style the most irresistible is SSR hellspawn you said we were sitting in the office every day of his boss so hard not to be drawn to them? The number of attack SSR type output type 1 of God, the most popular wine swallow boy more also to restore their own blood absolute top 2, the dog is very special type multi game player attention A hellspawn crit high, high damage, injury group too strong pumping ability to the Tengu, you are one of the European royal! 3, Matsuki Douko used it to know what hurt overflow and crit are the top if the characteristics of lethality can make good use of skills is not high level can be pumped double in? NO! Has completed the non UAE Junior Achievement even draw 100200300400500600 cards after love dearly! Have benefits come, please continue to look down on the dry cargo began to scrawl away slightly, the credibility of five-star in bloom, my name is Lei Feng, 1 circle method. The top left of the pen from the bottom, the whole circle is long elliptic, head slightly sharp is the best. Are to be connected, circle must be complete, remember the picture. 2, draw a star. Comply with the system drawing, draw the pen sideways. After painting, and then draw a circle to a frame, can put a curve in the star after drawing, may improve the hit rate. When painting keep up with the clear sound, consistent with him, so SR and SSR more opportunities, because when the system identification will be more clear; some say kiji, odokai, dolo and other Japanese pronunciation, if some of the old Japanese spell in the call of the times, more bang bang da. Finally, if you get to level 30 not out of SSR Just Do It! Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: