Son of mortgage debt owed sixty parents angry father jumped off the bridge car shuyue

Son of mortgage debt owed parents angry father Mr. Guo sixty car jump the bridge on the cliff hardly wished to live. yesterday, Fuling District Public Security Bureau Jiangdong Police Station Officer Yang received a call from the public Guo grateful call: "thank you, my house and car are redeemed, or are you, I may never see the day……" In August 18th 3 pm, Jiangdong police station received the alarm together: the bridge Wujiang Bridge East, a middle-aged man wearing a white short sleeved, grey shorts hanging in the nearly 100 meter high cliff, in critical condition. 3 minutes later, Yang police officers and colleagues rushed to the scene, climbed down the cliff, with the body in front of men. "At that time for us in which space is only about 10 cm, the following is the fast Wujiang, emotional man, always say ‘leave me, let me die, my heart hurts" a class of words, we side with the body to protect him, while he cleaned up around the branches of a class of sharp objects." Yang police officer said. More than 40 degrees Celsius weather, men cry more and more small, there seems to be heat, dehydration and other symptoms, consciousness is more and more clear, tightly grabbed the cliff on the vine grimdeath. Young police officer asked for support, so that his colleagues handed over the water to cool the man. Through communication, the man said he surnamed Guo, 60 years old, previously at the site of contracted projects, in the city of Fuling to spend about 700000 yuan to buy a house, decoration spent about 200000 yuan, also bought a car, he and his wife usually the main grandchildren, to old age. Recently, he found that his property was addicted to gambling and debt son to mortgage, so the thought of suicide. Then, Mr. Guo burst into tears, "my house, my car……" The police persuaded Mr. Guo for more than 1 hours in the cliff, his mood gradually calmed down, the police took the opportunity to force him to pull up. Yang police officer, Mr. Guo’s son has no right to take the property of the parents of the mortgage, the public if you encounter such a thing, you can report. Lawyers say such mortgage invalid Chongqing evening news legal team, director of the Chongqing HOLLEY million Guantao law firm Chen Ting said, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of our country, the housing mortgage or vehicle, required by the owner’s consent, and in the real exchange or vehicle registration. Mr. Guo’s son had no right to mortgage Mr. Guo’s house and car, his mortgage is not recognized by the law, as long as mr.. Chongqing evening news trainee reporter correspondent Yang Hua Hu Junteng photo coverage editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: