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Some government departments lazy government waste of financial funds of their work "outsourcing" – Beijing in June this year, the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau purchased by way of government services, the city’s 10 thousand needs of the elderly with free anti lost bracelet, provide real-time positioning, emergency call, motion trajectory, leave the security area reminder functions the elderly, travel safety guarantee. All above the age of 60, suffering from memory impairment, cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease in Beijing local household registration or resident outside the elderly, can apply through the official website, community, designated agencies etc.. Government procurement of public services, to improve the efficiency of the use of funds to meet the diversified needs, improve service quality, is an innovative move. Unfortunately, some places have partial understanding, that something is "off" hand no responsibility, even holding service outsourcing will Everything will be fine. mentality, neither the supervision by unit, do not attach importance to the masses feedback. In the Shushan District of Anhui city of Hefei Province, District Federation of disabled children rehabilitation training, disabled cataract rehabilitation and other 4 kinds of project purchase services, however, some parents of children with disabilities has rankled: "children with autism rehabilitation training, but the classroom wall did not make the" soft "treatment, if the child to touch the wall how to do?" "Large class of children, individual training time often shrink, can not guarantee" and "professional power window looked okay, but how much time has passed, the actual recovery effect is not obvious"…… "In any case, there is a professional body in the management can be a little breath; some of the purchase of services is the city’s unified requirements, regulatory nature of the ‘big’ top." Shushan District FIMITIC director Dong Shaohua introduced, before the government purchase of services, awareness is not in place, management is relatively loose, nor the formation of effective supervision mechanism. Faced with complaints from the masses, Canlian of the expert group, and hire a professional social organization, the annual evaluation score for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities and other projects. The director of Hefei City CDPF rehabilitation department Li Ming introduction: "evaluation is not only the supervision of professional services, for the government to have the performance of their duties, whether the use of strict supervision and control of funds, can play a supervisory role." "On the one hand, the daily supervision of normalization, on the one hand, will be based on the evaluation results of the CDPF professional assessment, not up to the requirements of the service, ordered rectification." Dong Shaohua believes that a clear responsibility, but also the regulatory force, in order to make the purchase of services more effective, institutional services more professional. In the process of government procurement of services, it is difficult to figure out what the "put", the "tube" what. Some sectors of the job through the purchase of public service will be outsourced, essentially lazy political thinking in trouble, not only a waste of financial resources, but also provides a breeding ground for unwholesome tendencies. In the southwest of city public toilets, mostly commissioned by the company to the sanitation operation of the main operation, government subsidies, free and open to the public use way. Because just to open free of charge, sanitation companies, urban management department, sanitation bureau and other departments will be on-site inspection from time to time, in addition to check whether there is no clean health, small ads, more check toilets are secretly charge. "There is no time to have a cigarette"相关的主题文章: