Somalia by the safety of funds and other factors announced the postponement of the

The Somali capital and other factors made by Security announced to postpone the election the original title: safety, capital and other factors in Somalia was announced to postpone the elections in Beijing. In September 27,   Muqdisho: Somali Federal Election Commission announced the evening of 26 local time, due to the constraints of the political, security, capital and other factors, the election will be postponed a month. According to Agence France-Presse, Mohamed, chairman of the Federal Election Commission of Somalia, Omar,, announced the news. According to the schedule of the latest election, cable of the house and the Senate elections will be held from October 23rd to November 10th, the house of Commons and speaker of the upper house elections will be held in November 23rd, the presidential election will be held on November 30th. According to the electoral model set, in the house of Commons election, 135 tribal elders need to elect a representative of the 14025, these representatives need to vote for the election of 275 members. But Abdullah, 26, said tribal elders still failed to submit the final list of representatives of the electoral college. In addition, this year’s upper house election will take "area", 54 seats will be allocated to the 6 local government. Abdullah said, the local government will submit a list of candidates in October 5th before the house of lords. Previously, the Election Commission announced the election timetable in August 7th, but the original plan started in September 24th parliament election held in September 25th and the upper house elections were not held as scheduled. For the election of Somalia, the international community expressed support. The United Nations Security Council issued a presidential statement, will pay close attention to the progress of Somalia elections. Regional organizations such as the African Union and the inter governmental organization for the development of the East Asia have also repeatedly made public statements in recent days, will provide the necessary security assistance during the election period, to ensure the peace and stability of the election held. However, some analysts pointed out that the Somali youth party will be the biggest threat to the election, the organization in the past month to launch frequent terrorist attacks in Muqdisho. In addition, security pressures, financial pressures also add a lot of challenges for the general election. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: