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Terca first shareholder substitutions suspected family members settled even hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you find each reporter Zhao Yang Xie Hongchen Zhang Huimin Ge with shareholders receded the first major shareholder solchem silent substitutions, newcomers e-trend Kerry has become the focus of the market. The investment treasure to see Kerry, express from the beginning of July, quietly eating terca shares, the actual controller, even in Minnian only 28 years old, has a stake in companies. According to public information, even Zong min and her creative Kerry may be related to the capital market even the famous family. The first major shareholder substitutions according to solchem September 21st announcement, shareholders Zhang Huimin holdings held 4 million 720 thousand and 413 shares on September 20, 2016 by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company’s total share capital of 2.2915%, after that, Zhang Huimin will no longer hold shares of the company. Every investment treasure to see, in August 19, 2016, Zhang Huimin also holds more than 7% of the shares. In September 6, 2016 through the trading sold 2.2915%, reduction of the average price of 27 yuan, in September 12th again sold on the 2.6988% chips, the transaction price of 27 yuan, while in September 20th the trading, of which 4 million 720 thousand and 400 shares through block trading (the same transaction price is 27 yuan, the total capital ratio of 2.2915%), the rest is through auction sale way. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Huimin in September 20th through the trading out of 4 million 720 thousand and 400 shares, by another shareholder Kerry silently eat into the creative, the day after the completion of the transaction, a Kerry stake from 12.272% rose to 14.5636%, more than the shareholders of Ling Zhaoyu and concerted action Tibet Huate NEW energy investment limited holds 12.8568% of the proportion of shares, become the first major shareholder of the new term. And in the previous July, Zhang Huimin had held 7.2818% stake, is transferred to the creative Kerry, September 6th and 12 of the same transaction, then set side for a kerry. The investment treasure to see, a Kerry said that the purpose of the transaction is to become the first major shareholders of listed companies, to improve the management of listed companies through the exercise of shareholder’s rights according to law, to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of listed companies. At the same time in the appropriate time to expand new business, improve the quality of listed company’s assets, and enhance the profitability of listed companies. Then, the name does not turn the creative Kerry by shareholders, what is the background? Even the case sensitive suspected from family even after each investment Bao noted that the actual control of a Kerry called names even Zong min, born in 1988, with overseas education background. For its possible expansion in the future of the new business, perhaps from its provision of "detailed changes in Equity Report" can be seen in a clue. The report shows that even in the sensitive investment enterprises of Shenzhen City Hengsheng Yunhong Supply Chain Management Co. koron相关的主题文章: