Snowboarding Tricks – What You Should Not Do-4000dy

Sports-and-Recreation You you decided it is time to start learning some new cool snowboarding tricks right? That’s a great idea. You can impress your friends and the girls on the slopes, show off what you got and maybe even form a personal fan club. Alright, maybe you wont gain a fan club, but at least you will look hot out there. Before you go out there and actually start attempting anything that can be potentially dangerous, do your research and spend some time with more experienced boarders. However, there are some serious Don’ts that you should learn about as well. Here are some tips and guidelines you can follow. Don’t: Get boots that are too tight on your feet. When you put your boots on they should be nice and .fortable. A lot of people think that if they hurt a little, it’s okay because you will break them in. No. You want your feet to be secure, but not to the point that you feel they are in a vice. Start off by buying a long board. Don’t buy an expensive board to start with, you want to get a cheap board so you can mess it up during all your learning mistakes without too much worry.You are, after all, just starting out. Getting a long board or anything that costs too much is really not a good choice. Be embarrassed if you fall. Who cares? Do you know how many times professionals like Sean White have fallen? Tons. Everyone does and it’s all a part of learning. Start doing advanced snowboarding tricks too early. Begin with the simple ones. The harder stuff will .e with time. Practice all by yourself. Always have a group of buddies with you when you’re practicing your tricks in case you seriously hurt yourself. It has happened. At the very least, always take a buddy with you. Alright, well that was enough for today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: