Smoking does not talk about health! Men feel with odor girl which features-midd-885

Smoking does not talk about health! Men feel with odor girl which features? The animation of the girl is always soft and adorable, their body seems to be born is full of charming aroma, but some woman is just the opposite, let a person feel born with a bad smell, so that men feel always with the woman smell what are the characteristics? Recently, the Japanese media conducted an investigation. – "do not pay attention to hair messy hair, matted hair girl." (37 year old construction technician), the hair is not long to take care of the sister." (37 IT technician) – smoking smoking woman ". Both men and women, I think as long as the people who smoke is very smelly." (37 years old in the retail store), "smoking and drinking coffee sister." (29 year old construction technology officer) dressed tide "- dressed tide girl. Because their perfume can be very irritating." (30 year old medical doctor) "dressed the girl, perfume and cosmetics smell makes people crazy." (29 year old school · education; salesman) – "winter boots wore boots girl. Her feet are very dirty." (34 years precision instrument technician) "the girl wearing boots." (36 automobile salesman) – love health "if appearance are not neat, visceral certainly more dirty." (34 year old forestry and fisheries "no other) cleaning woman, her room is dirty and stink." (30 year old financial and securities professionals) Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: