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SMG: Serie A on blue eagle continue to fly away on Sunday 034 Serie A Lazio Inter’s VS 2016-10-30 22:00 SA Thoreau Lazio League home court 4-1 victory over Cagliari, the last 5 League 3 wins 2 flat unbeaten, the team is currently ranked fifth with 18 points. Sassolo on the round of the League home defeat against Rome, home unbeaten rounds are the end of the match, as well as the war in Europe, Sassolo, the game, it is not worth the road. The disc Lazio main make half a water advantage on disk, SA Thoreau away record is poor, Lazio situation well, shortly after the transition to the main handicap Lazio retaining a ball high water potential disk, to maintain the reasonable intervention resistance plate chip, the Lazio worth a line, SMG Pingfu recommended the main victory wins game. On Sunday 068 Serie A Sampdoria VS international Milan 2016-10-31 03:45 Sampdoria on round league worst negative Juventus (official website data), the team 3 games unbeaten end, inter League home court won the Turin League, the end of the 3 game losing streak record, but the team currently only accumulates 14 points ranked twelfth, inter a lot of problems. Inter disc guest Let flat half water advantage on disk, the note plate inter while continuing to maintain confidence in the adjustment of precipitation, road concessions, inter need the distraction of war in Europe, the league and the poor state of the background, adjust the performance changes for inter bets too good, the inter war continue to fear by the blocking, Sampdo assigns a home court the ball under his radio.相关的主题文章: