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Sixtieth old lottery rich life million prize generous donation of 100 thousand – Jiaoyangsihuo Sohu in August, and the temperature in the same high rates in addition to the Olympic Games and our lottery lottery enthusiasm! This month the double chromosphere game in Shanghai 3 note first prize, respectively is: 2016091st 5986530 yuan, 2016092nd 5173091 yuan and 2016093rd yuan 5501160. In addition to the 1 note by telephone betting lottery, the other 2 are the site of note lottery was, coincidentally, the winning winners are sixty years of age for the elderly. The first is the 2016092nd period of awarding the winner of Miss Lu (surname). The old lady hale and hearty, cheerful she is keen to community activities, singing or dancing, rich and colorful living arrangements, an integral part of the lottery is her daily life. Ms. Lu said that she had been very love welfare lottery Shuangseqiu lottery games, there are more than ten years of history. She does not look at the chart, all by the feeling, the note number or her grandson to help her pick up in childhood, and now grandchildren are high school. Ms. Lu has repeatedly said that she is really a period does not fall to buy lottery tickets, he did not call her husband to buy empty, the old couple occasionally go out to travel please brother to buy, she said in his life, the lottery has become the most important thing. This time the prize family are very happy for this, before occasionally complain husband is admiring, even boast of his wife, have a lottery! For the purpose of the bonus, Ms. Lu has been going to the home, children are big, so they want to use the money to go out to travel, now the body is also good to see more of the world. After awarding 2016093rd grand prix winner is an old man named Kim (surname). The old man’s body is not good, he is the son of a hold up. According to the old man said that he was in the unit before retirement, accounting, and the number is the reason to fight for a lifetime, after retirement, he played the lottery. All kinds of computer lottery ticket he have covered, most interested or "double chromosphere", high award bonus, small prize easily, and a small prize, let him have a sense of achievement. He said he was not skilled player, although not usually figure painting, but can still rely on luck winning. The winning number is his own choice, to keep size, a rough count by nearly half. The old man was also very surprised, but more happy. The old man said that he has not been in good health, thanks to his wife and children to him for decades as one day without the care, he will be a part of the money for the two old people’s life security after winning, another part of the money to the children, but also to make their life better. Finally, the old man also generously donated 100 thousand yuan to help fund the public, he said it was always his wish, now have the ability to help more people who feel very happy! Now in the growth of the lottery team, there are a number of "old friends", we advocate the feeling of happiness, to bring people to the welfare lottery blessing and benefit but also with joy.相关的主题文章: