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Six plenary session of the "first tiger" Chen Shulong checked three precursor – Sohu news "government affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that Chen Shulong was in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee after the closing of the provincial and ministerial level officials first checked; Anhui is the fourth "tiger", before, former vice governor of Anhui province Ni Fake, Anhui CPPCC Vice President Han Xiancong, former vice governor of Anhui province Yang Zhenchao has sacked. So the officials checked the official notification, temporarily did not disclose what specific issues involving Chen Shulong. However, the "government affairs" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) found that, previously, Chen Shulong’s career change has aroused concern. Not long ago, in 2011 entered the Anhui provincial leadership Chen Shulong, voted in the general standing committee of Anhui provincial Party committee "". It is worth noting that Anhui is one of the four provinces in the first round of the central inspection "look back", although Anhui two months ago released a "look back" patrol rectification report, but this does not mean that the "look back" brought to Anhui officialdom of vibration and impact ended. Anhui provincial Party committee in October 30th was 9 in the morning, the tenth Congress of Anhui province at the opening of the Anhui grand theatre. At that time, Chen Shulong as a member of the Standing Committee of the Bureau of the assembly identity, in the front row seat. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that, at that time, Chen Shulong’s position was the Anhui Provincial Committee, deputy governor of the provincial government, deputy secretary of the party. 4 days later, the Anhui Provincial People’s Congress held a closing session of the tenth Congress, Chen Shulong still sitting in front of the podium. However, at this meeting, his fate reversed. The meeting elected by the 88 members of the Committee of the CPC, the Anhui Provincial Committee of the tenth session of the 16. Chen Shulong’s name is not among them. This means that Chen Shulong is no longer a member of the Anhui provincial committee. Therefore, in the subsequent Tenth Plenary Session of the first committee of Anhui Province, Chen Shulong was not elected Anhui provincial committee. Public resume shows that at the age of 49 in 2011, Chen Shulong has served as the Anhui provincial committee. That is to say, the "lost", Chen Shulong has served for 5 years in the Anhui provincial committee. Born in 1962, the 54 year old Chen Shulong, graduated from Anhui Finance & Trade College, after graduating from the Anhui Provincial Department of finance, then enter the financial system in Anhui province government service center, provincial finance, securities companies, trust and investment companies, China Yuan Holdings (Group) work limited liability company, former state yuan Holdings (group general manager of the limited liability company). In 2002, Chen Shulong served as deputy mayor of Hefei, vice mayor of Wuhu, mayor, Party secretary. In 2011, by the Wuhu municipal Party committee secretary Chen Shulong, was transferred to Anhui Provincial Committee, provincial Party committee secretary general, a year later he was vice governor of Anhui Province, this year in March he was appointed Executive Vice Governor of Anhui province. The change of Chen Shulong’s career, makes many people feel accident, early 50, 7 months before he left on the executive vice governor, why "out", "lost"? Today, the Commission announced that Chen Shulong alleged serious violation was transferred.相关的主题文章: