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Sister’s mind you do not guess! The female donor really love the car! Auto – Sohu has been, many people will think that the driver in the car should be small, love is good, kind of cute, but recently a female friend to chat with me that want to buy a horse, which completely subverts the traditional understanding of their love for my car. So I decided I had to re position the new generation of female donor car choice! Ford Mustang according to the traditional understanding of words, lines too strong, love is too rough from the design of the woman. But now the younger generation is more and more interested in this kind of American muscle, and 2.3T’s Mustang power is enough. And as an everyday means very good, very good to open and muscle car fan are welcome! MINI MINI has always been a favorite girl, cute, flexible is the best of it a little. MINI is very small compared to the larger size of the mustang. The shuttle in the city for less walking, cycling woman it is the gospel, MINI has always been a natural woman dish. BMW Z4 speaking benefactrix love car, BBA is of course essential, then I believe that BMW is definitely the most love brand benefactrix. Z4 is the most loved by the owners of the models, horsepower does not need a lot of convertible! Brand! Well done! These conditions are enough, but unfortunately Z4 discontinued, I hope Z5 will continue to be loved by the sister after coming out! Summary of these models you Get it? Teach you a trick: buy a car do not buy their favorite, like the car to buy a sister, then your sister will not be far away! Ha ha ha joke, but I believe that these cars do not like a few sister! Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: