Single 13 points three points in 3 + 3 Ding Yan Yu Hang ushered in the peak

Single 13 points three points in 3 + 3 Ding Yan Yu Hang ushered in the peak season? The Shandong team was able to win a war in a Tongxi team, cannot do without the outstanding contribution of the Ding Yan Yu hang. This time the war, Ding Yanyu first cut 13 points in the first half and scored at the end of the second half of the score, the final victory for the Shandong team, laid a solid foundation. In addition, it must be noted that this season, the eight round of the regular season, Ding Yanyu field were cut by a score of 19.1 points, and this score data, is the highest value of its personal career in the single quarter of Ding Yanyu navigation. The beginning of the game, Ding Yan Yu Hang opened the scoring model, and soon a Biao three pointers, so as to reveal their own good state. Although in the first half before Ding Yan Yu Hang missed the ball, but it soon finished the self regulating, first is the use of free throws for points, then Ding Yan Yu Hang outside suddenly angry even in the three ball. It can be said, Shandong team can get 33 points in the first quarter, a single contribution of 13 points and a total of three points in the cast of 3 Ding Yanyu, is absolutely not. The second section of the game, Tongxi team once rely on foreign aid Blair crazy, but at this time, Ding Yanyuhang led the team to stabilize the situation. In the re debut, Ding Yan Yu Hang then assists Li Jingyu hit three balls, then Ding Yan Yu Hang and use free throws to get points. And when the day came to the end of the game, Ding Yan Yu Hang again took over the game, with its sharp break chopped 6 points to help the team at the end of the half ahead by 10 points. The first half, Ding Yan Yu Hang monopolize 21 points, accounting for half of the total score of the 37% team. After the easy side battles, Ding Yan Yu Hang score though the efficiency has declined significantly, but it is often at a critical time for the team to get the key points. The whole game, Ding Yan Yu Hang has scored 25 points in 6 2 steals and 1 assists, including three ball Ding Yan Yu Hang is 4 to 3, the three pointer hit rate as high as 75%. It can be said that the ship has become a subsidiary of Shandong, in addition to foreign aid, the most stable scoring points in the array. At the same time, from the vertical perspective, Ding Yan Yu Hang debut so far this season, the best scoring efficiency. In the regular season zhanba eight case, Ding Yanyu Airlines averaging 19.1 points, but need to know is that this data is Ding Yanyu Airlines since debut the highest single season. So, whether it is the Ding Yan Yu Hang or to the play of the Shandong team, it seems to have more people to expect more of a concern. (Ai Rui)相关的主题文章: