Singing classic famous famous and classic evening party; singing grassland in November-denka

Acura classic artists     "famous and classic" Gala November 1st sing prairie — Inner Mongolia Channel – October 23 Hohhot Xinhua (He Maojie) 23 afternoon, reporters from the "famous and classic" into the Inner Mongolia news conference, to commemorate the victory of the Red Army in 80th anniversary, recalling the glorious history of the revolution, Acura the party’s central military and political work valiant record, and the most representative of the party — one of the "famous and classic" will be on the night of November 1st at the Inner Mongolia Stadium on the wonderful. By then, there will be Dong Wenhua, Yan Weiwen, Karim, Cai Guoqing and many other people are familiar with the snow singing artists for the prairie people offer a visual feast. It is reported that the "famous and classic" party by the Central Military Commission and the Political Work Department of three generations of vocal artists and singing songs and. The whole show is divided into "suiyueruge" and "timeless" and "we together with time" in three parts. Among them, "suiyueruge" is mainly composed of singing masters in the past history, singing a broad social impact of the representative songs, with a strong military era style and features; "timeless" is mainly composed of Chinese and foreign art songs, art songs outstanding; "we together with time" to choose the most influential singer recently singing excellent songs. The party gathered mixed chorus, chorus, male and female vocal solo etc.. From these songs, the audience can feel the contemporary characteristics of the reform and development of contemporary china. The Central Military Commission and the political work department formerly known as the song and dance troupe, founded in 1953, is the people’s Liberation Army Chinese professional music and dance performance groups, representing the highest level of military stage art. It is reported that this "master and classic" large party is in addition to Beijing, the first came to the northern city for performances. (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang) 讴歌经典 名家荟萃 《名家与经典》晚会11月1日唱响草原–内蒙古频道–人民网 人民网呼和浩特10月23日电 (贺茂杰)23日下午,记者从《名家与经典》走进内蒙古新闻发布会上了解到,为纪念红军长征胜利80周年,回顾革命光辉历程,讴歌党的丰功伟绩,中央军委政治工作部歌舞团最具代表性的晚会之一――《名家与经典》将于11月1日晚在内蒙古体育馆精彩开演。届时,将有董文华、阎维文、克里木、蔡国庆、白雪等多位百姓所熟知的歌唱艺术家为草原人民献上一台视听盛宴。 据悉,《名家与经典》晚会是由中央军委政治工作部歌舞团老中青三代声乐艺术家及其演唱的经典歌曲荟萃而成。整台晚会分“岁月如歌”“经典永恒”和“我们与时代同行”三部分。其中,“岁月如歌”主要由歌唱名家在过去历史时期演唱的、有广泛社会影响的代表性歌曲构成,具有时代风采与浓重的军旅特色;“经典永恒”主要由中外艺术歌曲构成,突出歌曲的艺术性;“我们与时代同行”选择歌唱家近期演唱的最富影响的优秀歌曲。晚会汇集混声合唱、联唱、男女声独唱等多种方式。从这些歌曲中,观众可以感受到当代中国改革发展的时代特色。 中央军委政治工作部歌舞团的前身为总政歌舞团,成立于1953年,是中国人民解放军专业音乐舞蹈表演团体,代表军队的最高舞台艺术水准。据悉,本次《名家与经典》大型晚会是除北京外,首次来到北方城市进行演出。 (责编:刘泽、曾晓强)相关的主题文章: