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Singapore village card case rose to 333 from the expert said "introduced from abroad – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 13 September, according to Singapore" Singapore United Morning Post "reported that Singapore infection outbreak Zika in about two weeks, the total number of cases reached 333. As of yesterday (12 May) at noon, confirmed cases increased by more than four. The infectious disease experts interviewed pointed out that the Zika virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes have been in Singapore local "root", even to the eradication of the virus in the territory, also cannot avoid it from other regions of the country is transferred to local. However, experts stressed that the Zika virus lethal overall is not high, people without excessive worry, but still have to strengthen the mosquito control work and do preventive measures to avoid mosquito bites, just in case. Elizabeth Novi Aa hospital infectious disease consultant Liang Haonan said: "Zika virus is not terrible, compared to denggi, Zhai card the extent of the disease is not very serious, lethal probability is very small. Each of the 10 thousand dengue fever patients, one died of illness may, this probability is very low, but the mortality rate is lower than this village card." Liang Haonan also pointed out that although the Zika virus can lead to fetal microcephaly, but local pregnant women face risk in fact is not high. "Appeared in Brazil from thousands of microcephaly cases, many are caused by local environmental and social factors, such as drug addiction, alcoholism and other viral infections, and many cases concentrated in poor areas more remote. Local and Brazil social environment is completely different, it can be said that we face the risk is still low." According to reports, caused by a variety of factors involved in microcephaly, Zika virus, including genetic and environmental factors; rubella (Rubella) and other infections may also promote fetal growth defects. The number of pregnant women affected by local Zika virus infection to the day before yesterday (11 days) has been increased to eight, but the maternity specialist Ma Xuanzhong respondents said, and compared to just when the outbreak of epidemic village card, the majority of pregnant women have been relatively calm, no longer as before so panic. "There are some pregnant women will be very worried about the epidemic, but these Aedes infested only in the daytime, so pregnant women’s self preservation method of mosquito control measures in this period of time to do the best." According to the latest data from the national environment bureau published on the Internet, has a total of seven regions were classified card case area for the village, including the area, Aljunied road bend and Bedok north area, Shen Yusheng Road, 12 street, Bishan Yi Li Ya Taiwan, UBI and Lanlaye and bending, provoke the loop road area. The environment bureau will continue in these areas to mosquito and mosquito advocacy work. Aljunied bending and Shen channel is Singapore first appeared in epidemic area, Macpherson assemblyman Chen Peiling was in the first time led grass-roots team visited the residents, actively promote the message. She yesterday (12 days) said in an interview, since after the outbreak, the past two weeks of mosquito control work temporarily a paragraph, but the town council this week will work extra spray mosquito, mosquito community will not relax grassroots propaganda. In addition, in the area of the disease more than the previous understanding of pregnant women can take time for. Chen Peiling also said that this period has done the grassroots相关的主题文章: