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"Made in Sichuan" 5 anniversary of the opening of cross-border earthquake early warning earthquake early warning drills first start Beijing said: earthquake early warning exercise began, the children hide under the desk to obey the command of hedging. Gesang Ron Jay Ce Beijing, Chengdu, September 20 (Liu Yanjun Liu Ting) 20, reporters from the Chengdu Hi Tech Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "disaster mitigation") learned that the world’s first cross-border earthquake warning drills in Tibet Shigatse county middle school and the saga of a school in Nepal held recently, which is the world’s first cross-border earthquake early warning exercises. "In September 20, 2011, Chengdu launched the" Chinese public experience the first earthquake early warning "activities, open the earthquake early warning service China people, a prelude to the construction of earthquake early warning network, today just five years." Wang Tun, director of Chengdu Institute of high and new disaster reduction, said, now, the Chinese mainland earthquake warning network has been extended to 31 provinces in the country, covering an area of 2 million 200 thousand square kilometers, covering China’s earthquake zone population of 90%. It is reported that the exercise simulation is a 7 earthquake in Nepal, Nepal’s capital Kathmandu from the epicenter of the 86 km, warning time of 18 seconds, from the epicenter of Shigatse, 136 km of the warning time of 32 seconds. Nepal earthquake early warning network to monitor the earthquake, China Unicom immediately after the earthquake early warning network, synchronized to participate in the training of school earthquake warning information. Shigatse saga county middle school and schools in Nepal through the earthquake warning issued countdown broadcast warning alert, teachers and students in accordance with the evacuation plan for earthquake early warning to risk everything in good order and well arranged. It is understood that the Nepal earthquake warning network is a 8.1 earthquake occurred in Nepal in 2015, the government of Nepal to adopt China’s independent innovation of earthquake early warning technology. The early warning network covering 1/3 of the land area of Nepal, Nepal has been used in the middle school, universities, hotels, government departments, and the earthquake early warning network interconnection and Chinese, forming the world’s first cross-border earthquake early warning network. "In five years, earthquake early warning network has gradually through the mobile phone, radio and television, the micro-blog, a dedicated receiving terminal and other means, security services, public works, continuous warning of Lushan 7 grade, 6.5 grade 30 late Lu destructive earthquakes." Wang Tun said that at present, the main task is to expand the scope of China’s earthquake early warning of earthquake early warning application scale, and the Chinese earthquake warning results to serve more countries around the world. (end)相关的主题文章: