Shijiazhuang surrounding counties warm standard is different from the urban area-beself

Shijiazhuang and the surrounding counties "warm standard" and the city have different seasons in the Sun City District of Luquan district is for heating boiler, others three or four years do not know whether the normal heating this winter. "" I am Luquan district heat users, we first used this winter, not only to pay into the Internet, heating fee, but also pay fee 2000 yuan, this reasonable?"…… Since the "heating hotline opened, the residents reflect the heating problem in a continuous line, there have been Luquan, Zhengding County, Zhaoxian County and other places of the district residents to inquire the heating problem. It is reported that the surrounding area (county) heating charges, vacant room standards and the situation is not the same as the main city of Shijiazhuang. To this end, the reporter yesterday were linked to the local heating sector, help to dispel misunderstanding. Today, the heating hotline 96399, 88629260, 88629261, 88629426 continue to open for you, if you encounter other "warm problem", please contact us! Four – reporter Du Hui Cong Junru Luquan Sunshine City: gas boiler heating, heating this winter? Luquan Four Seasons Sunshine City residential owners call Mr. Liu said, the district is used in boiler gas heating, but from their winter occupancy has no heating, I do not know whether the smooth heating this winter? Mr. Liu told reporters that he admitted to district for three or four years, from the check-in area on the installation of wall mounted boiler has been connected to natural gas, so every winter is open air or electric heater through. In May this year, the construction team settled in the District, began laying pipeline construction. He wanted to confirm the success of the winter heating. October 31st morning, the reporter contacted the district Gas Co staff. The other said, the new district is over the area, gas belongs to the developers built projects, the construction has been completed, in the acceptance requires developers to provide detailed completion data, is currently in contact with each other actively, in accordance with the procedures, to complete the required information, the next step of work. The owners of a district: to join the central heating also pay openings? Luquan District, a district where the owners unwilling to disclose the name calls that the district for the first time this year into the central heating, the need to pay the heating costs this winter, and about 40 yuan per square metre of admission fee. In addition to these costs, I heard that they have to pay an opening fee, about 2000 yuan. Reasonable?" October 31st afternoon, the reporter contacted the Luquan district heating management office, a staff, for the first time to join the central heating, pay the admission fee, no fee ". Luquan district heating management office: apply for vacant rooms do not have to pay fees heat loss yesterday, the central heating Administration Office of Luquan District of the relevant staff, this year the central heating business hall has started foreign service, central heating residential owners can go to pay. This staff member said that the local heating heating price of 20 yuan per square meter, non residents heating price of $30 per square meter. Residential user billing area in accordance with residential.相关的主题文章: