Sherry my heart has never changed 20 years ago, I am great (video)

Sherry: my heart has never changed 20 years ago, the great [Abstract] time flies, but my heart has never changed – I want to sing, sing happily." Sherry said, "now I want to say to myself 20 years ago: ‘you are great."" Sherry Sherry: my heart has never changed 20 years ago his good news morning news more than and 500 days ago, Sherry stadium in Shanghai held a "Utopia" concert. She always shout, "Shanghai on the stage, where is your applause" in front of friends, your applause where "" where "girls boys" where "" put your hand to me, you are the best"…… This is her signature". In the "Utopia", it can clearly feel that Sherry’s physical strength is not as good as before, and deliberately reduce the proportion of lyric songs, increase the proportion of harmony. Debut 20 years, Sherry walked from the age of 24 to the age of 44. We watched her figure not exquisite, looked at her career as a roller coaster, looked at her is not to be optimistic about a way to the age of 40…… In December 16, 17 days, Sherry will open a new "Utopia" in 2 Benz cultural center, which is following her 2009 again in Shanghai after Amit, indoor concert hall. The day before, Sherry accepted an interview with the morning news reporter in Hangzhou. Miss Yu Sheng "our personality is love to challenge myself" is Sherry Puyuma, three brothers, three sisters, two sisters, in Sherry’s growth, music is an indispensable spiritual food, is a kind of expression of emotion, she also honed his sound tape thickness. Just debut, Sherry and cousin group of a band, in the Pub circle of small fame, attracted a lot of musicians came to watch, including the Tom Chang. Tom Chang looked for more than a month to show, he and Sherry signed to tell the Fenghua record boss Zhang Xiaoyan, Zhang Xiaoyan hiding in the corner of Sherry Pub. She remembers, when the bar to eat, drink, drink, chat chat, no one to pay attention to the stage, but Sherry sing well, and like the interaction with the audience. As Sherry said: "just give me a sparkling clothes, a pair of cm high heels, I can take anywhere as a stage." Singing in the Pub for 7 months, Sherry and Fenghua record deal. For the first time in the studio, Tom Chang said one of the most influential aspects of Sherry’s music – relaxed singing. Sherry and Tom Chang’s friendship is very difficult to describe in words, they almost every day in the studio, he plays guitar, her singing, dig heart and lungs tell. It is also because of this marriage, Tom Chang to write this song "sister", 1996, Sherry issued the "sister", the album Street known as one of the songs is "original" what you are not. Just one year, Tom Chang is the two album produced by Sherry and "cry" and other famous songs, Chinese music share will account for more than half, and even insiders said, if Tom Chang had died, Sherry may have higher achievement. Referring to Tom Chang, Sherry was lost in thought: "every year he"相关的主题文章: