Shenhua Haikou + Okinawa winter to finalize the coach will be in place before December-gigolos

Shenhua Haikou + Okinawa coach will finalize the winter morning news reporter Gan Hui said Shenhua in place before December, in the spring, but for the super team, that is the plan for one year in the winter. The quality of the training, will determine the future trend of a season in a certain extent. At present, Shenhua training scheme has been finalized, the team will begin training at home to Christmas, Christmas after the team to the second stage of training overseas. We are concerned about the team’s new coach, the team will open in place before winter training, and began training. After the end of the 2016 season, the team entered a period of about a month’s holiday, but the club did not rest a day, to implement the work of the new season. Some time ago, the club is responsible for contact the Foreign Affairs Zhang Chuan dedicated to Guangzhou, Haikou to inspect the implementation of the winter training site. After a comprehensive comparison, Shenhua will eventually first team to winter in Haikou. For many veteran super team, Haikou is not strange. Every year during the winter season, Haikou’s Jin Xin base always gathered a lot of teams. With the cancellation of physical fitness test, Jin Xin base has gradually become the history of Chinese football, written into the memory of everyone. However, this year, Haikou with its climate and site advantage, has become the first choice for many domestic winter training team. After the end of the league, Luneng coach Magath will pull the team to Haikou, after 10 days of training for the devil before the holiday. Shenhua will be concentrated in Cambridge base on December 1st, 2 days to Haikou, this phase of training will continue until 22. Subsequently, the team into the Christmas holiday. After the Christmas break, the team will open the second stages of overseas training, basic training in Okinawa, this phase of the training period is tentatively scheduled for half a month.相关的主题文章: